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Friday, November 5, 2021

Holiday Peak and Perfect Attendance Payments/ Positive Space Commuting 

First, we would like to acknowledge every Flight Attendant's sacrifices over the summer, especially towards the end of October. Reschedules, cancellations, lack of hotel rooms, and transportation plagued this airline with a frequency we had never seen. These disruptions affect our mental well-being, stress levels, family and personal relationships. APFA has an obligation to do everything possible to make our work lives as easy as possible. We are pleased to announce that we have negotiated incentives with American Airlines to bring some well-deserved relief to our Flight Attendants during the upcoming busy holiday travel season.

APFA has signed a Letter of Agreement with American Airlines that offers additional pay when working during holiday peak periods. The additional pay is as follows:
 Part I: Holiday Peak Day Payment

Lineholders will receive 150% pay (100% credit, 50% pay no credit) for sequences (greater of scheduled or actual time flown) that the Lineholder actually flies on any day during the following Holiday Peak Periods:
  • November 23, 2021, through November 29, 2021, and
  • December 22, 2021, through January 2, 2022. 

Reserves will receive 150% pay for any sequence (greater of scheduled or actual time flown) or standby shift on any day during the Holiday Peak Periods mentioned above. For flying during the peak period on Reserve days, Reserves will receive 100% credit, 50% pay no credit. For flying during the peak period on FD/GD, Reserves will receive 150% pay no credit.  

PBS, TTS, UBL, ETB, ROTA, and ROTD awarded or assigned trips qualify for the Holiday Peak Day Payment.

You will be paid the 150% (Holiday Peak Day Payment) on the days of the sequence or standby shift that fall within the Holiday Peak Periods.

Example: If a 4-day sequence originates on November 21, only the days of the sequence that operate on November 23 and November 24 will be paid at the Holiday Peak Period rate. 
  •  If you have already picked up a red flag trip during the November peak period, that trip will not be eligible for the Holiday Peak Day Payment, but you will receive the red flag pay.
  • Any sequence flown on a Holiday Peak Day will retain the Holiday Peak Day Payment (150%) for any pay protection provided for in JCBA Section 10.
  • Holiday Peak Day Payment will not apply to premiums (NIPD, Purser, Galley, etc.)
Part II: Holiday Peak Day Payment and Perfect Attendance Payment

Lineholders and Reserves with a schedule who have no absences/removals from November 15 through January 2, 2022, will receive an additional 150% pay, for a total of 300% pay (100% pay and credit, 200% pay no credit) for time flown (including standby) on any day during the Holiday Peak Periods (November 23-November 29, and December 22-January 2). 

Please note: Vacation will be the only removal code to be considered work/available time for purposes of eligibility for the Perfect Attendance Period Payment. All qualifying payments, whether for Holiday Peak Day or Perfect Attendance, shall be paid as soon as practicable.   

Example 1: If you call in sick or use your FMLA on November 16th, you would still be eligible for the Holiday Peak Payment (Part I above) but would be rendered ineligible for the Perfect Attendance Payment (Part II above). In this example, all lineholder and reserve sequences, as well as Standby hours within the Holiday Peak Day period, would pay 150%.

Example 2: If you do not have any removals other than vacation (SK, PO, etc.) from November 15th until January 2nd, the company will look back and pay all trips that qualify for the Holiday Peak Payment (Part I above) and add in the additional 150% (Part II), for a total of 300% pay.
Part III: Positive Space Commuting

For sequences that originate during the Holiday Peak Day Period, the Company will provide inbound Positive Space (A12) travel on American Airlines mainline, PSA, Piedmont, and Envoy, to Commuters scheduled to fly a sequence/standby shift from the Commuter’s home to the Commuter’s Base for the purpose of operating the awarded/assigned sequence or standby shift.

Additionally, you may request positive space travel for your first and/or last scheduled Reserve Availability Period (RAP) in your reserve block that begins or ends within a Holiday Peak Period.

Example: Your block of reserve days are November 25th-29th. You may request A12 positive space travel to and from your block of reserve days. 
For sequences that terminate during the Holiday Peak Day Period, the Company will provide outbound Positive Space (A12) travel on American Airlines mainline, PSA, Piedmont, and Envoy, to Commuters scheduled to fly a sequence/standby shift from the Commuter’s Base to the Commuter’s home for the purpose of returning home after operating the awarded/assigned sequence or standby shift. 
Please book your travel as far in advance as possible, as passenger loads are expected to be heavy, and A12 travel inventory is limited. Book travel through your Crew Service Center or through Daily Operations after hours:

Crew Service Center Contacts:
  • BOS: 617-874-9275
  • CLT:  704-359-3779
  • DCA: 571-473-4100
  • DFW: 972-425-5140
  • LAX:  310-215-7022
  • LGA:  718-476-4320/ JFK: 718-487-7882
  • MIA:  786-591-2900
  • ORD: 773-686-2615
  • PHL:  610-362-4100
  • PHX:  480-693-2945
  • SFO:  650-825-2378
For assistance after hours, please contact Daily Operations at 682-315-7070.

Additional Information
  • These payments in no way affect the contractually negotiated holiday pay (JCBA 3.J).
  • Reserves that are awarded a sequence in ROTA/D or accept a reschedule that takes them over their contractual 90:00 hour maximum will receive Red Flag pay in accordance with the Red Flag Premium Exception Letter of Agreement dated October 30th, 2021. They would also be eligible for the Perfect Attendance Payment for any portion of the sequence that is on a day within the Holiday Peak Day period.
  • All Flight Attendants will continue to earn incentive points consistent with the Attendance and Performance program.
  • The Holiday Peak Day payment is only eligible hours, which includes lineholder and reserve sequences and standby shifts. Reserve Availability Periods (RAPs) do not qualify for the payment.

For more information, please refer to the FAQ's available on Jetnet.

In Solidarity,

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