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Thursday, July 15, 2021

All EVLOAs to be Cancelled in November and December
Due to an anticipated increase in flying later this year, the Company has made the decision to recall all Flight Attendants currently on an Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence (EVLOA). Recalled Flight Attendants will return to flying beginning in the November 2021 or December 2021 bid month. 

The EVLOA Return Ballot may be found here:

or on the front page of the Flight Service page on Jetnet. The ballot contains three (3) choices. You will choose one (1):
  1. Return for the November 2021 Bid Month, or
  2. Return for the December 2021 Bid Month, or
  3. Resign/Retire from American Airlines.  
**Important Balloting Dates**

Ballot Opens: Currently open

Ballot Closes: Thursday, July 29 at 1200 (CDT)

Final Awards Posted: Tuesday, August 3

Q1. Where may I find the ballot to choose to either return from EVLOA or resign/retire?
A. The ballot may be found on the front page of the Flight Service page on Jetnet.

Q2. There are two dates to return from my EVLOA. How is it decided who will return in November or December?
A. Return dates (either the November 2021 or December 2021 bid month) will be processed in seniority order. You only need to make one choice on the ballot:
  • Return for the November 2021 Bid Month, or
  • Return for the December 2021 Bid Month, or
  • Resign/Retire from American Airlines.
Return dates and resignations/retirements will be processed in seniority order. If you ballot to return for the December 2021 bid month, please be aware you may be assigned to return in November depending on available return dates when your seniority is reached.

If you choose to resign or retire, your separation date will coincide with the month in which you would have had to return to active flying.

Example: I am choosing to resign from American. When the Company processed Flight Attendant ballots, I would have had to return for the November 2021 bid month. Therefore, my resignation will be effective at the conclusion of the October 2021 bid month.

Q3. Do I have to rank my choices for a return date?
A. No, you will only make one choice. If your first return date choice is unavailable, you will be assigned a return date - either November 2021 or December 2021.

Q4. What if I do not respond?
A. All Flight Attendants who have submitted a ballot will be processed in seniority order. Then, for those who have not responded, return dates will be assigned in inverse seniority order, beginning with the earliest return date.

Q5. Are there any options to remain on a voluntary leave?
A. No. All Flight Attendants on an EVLOA are being returned to active status effective November 2021 or December 2021.

Q6. When will my Known Crewmember (KCM) be reactivated? 
A. Your KCM access will be activated the first week of the bid month in which you return.

Q7. Am I subject to Reserve the month I return?
A. You are Reserve eligible for your first month back to flying. You will only be required to serve Reserve if needed based on your occupational seniority within your base. Should your seniority subject you to being placed on the Reserve list, you may use the LRD to attempt to toggle off Reserve.

Q8. Are there any training events I need to complete prior to return?
A. In addition to CQ (if applicable), you must also complete your Flight Service Quarterly training prior to return.

Q9. I have let my CQ qualifications lapse (QI), and will need to attend training before my return. How will this be scheduled, and what are my deadlines to complete training?
A. As soon as Flight Attendant return dates are finalized, the Training Department will assign training dates to returning Flight Attendants who need CQ training. For those Flight Attendants returning for the November 2021 bid month, training must be completed by September 28, 2021. For those Flight Attendants returning for the December 2021 bid month, training must be completed by October 28, 2021.

Q10. Can I change my assigned CQ date?
A. Yes, please complete the “Training Enrollment Request Form” located in Comply 365> Forms> Category: AAFA Training. You may also call 800-VIP-CREW and enter your employee number and first four numbers of your DECS password, and press 5, 9.

You may also speak with the Training Department via Live Chat, available by clicking on the orange icon in the upper right hand corner of the 'Training' page on the Flight Service website.

Q11. What if my crew ID is expired?
A. You will need to get your new crew ID from your base. The Company cannot mail or FedEx crew IDs for security reasons. 

Q12. My aa.com email is not working. What do I do?
A. If you are having issues with your aa.com email contact the IT Helpdesk at 866-523-5333

Q13. How will I receive my FA tablet and accessories?
A. The Company will mail your tablet and its accessories to the address you provide in your EVLOA return ballot. If you have questions, or need to change your address later, please email fa.questions@aa.com.

Q14. Will this EVLOA recall create vacancy transfers around the system?
A. There may be limited vacancies created as a result of this recall. The bases with vacancies and the amount of vacancies will depend on the number of Flight Attendants who choose not to return from EVLOA.

Q15. I am on EVLOA and was displaced. Do I still hold a priority of return to my original base?
A. Per the EVLOA Letter of Agreement, you will return to your base of record as of the expiration date of your EVLOA. If you completed the preference form, you may exercise Priority of Return over non-displaced Flight Attendants when a vacancy occurs or the crew base is reopened. (JCBA Section 22.H.3.)

Q16. Can I rebid my vacation?
A. Yes, you may currently use the Vacation Monthly Rebid (MRB) process to trade a current scheduled or unscheduled vacation to a vacation period that falls after you return from EVLOA.

Q17. I submitted a ballot. Can I change it?
A. Yes. You may submit as many ballots as you want but only the last ballot submitted prior to the deadline will be processed.

Additional EVLOA Return Questions?
Please email: 

In Solidarity,

Jeff Petersen
APFA National Contract Chair

Marti McMillan
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Renée Mayer
APFA JCBA Specialist


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