Stallholder information is now available for Art Bazaar Lake Macquarie this  Sunday 31 May 2015
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Bump in is from 7.30am ONLY, which allows stallholders 30 minutes to unpack their cars & at least one hour to set up their stalls, which must be set up by 10am.
Protocol for bump in
  • Park car in bump in zone
  • Unpack car to the kerb
  • Move car to Lake Macquarie High School carpark. The High School is next to the gallery. Turn right at round-a-bout to go back down First Street for a short distance & turn left into the school (opposite gallery carpark entrance)
  • Walk back to kerb & move items to stall & set up

•       There will be a safety briefing at 9.30am which a representative from each stall needs to attend. 
•        All stalls are to remain set up until 3pm, no stall holder can start packing up before 3pm.
•        As HAN is a professional organisation and we behave in a professional manner we expect our members to behave in a professional manner & give some thought to the presentation of your stall.   
•         Stallholders shall not assign or sub-let any part of the space without the written consent of the Organizer.
•         Stallholders must stay within their exhibition stand or floor space area and their display must not protrude outside of this area.
•         Stallholders must only market their company/brand within their stand or floor space area and must not walk around marketing their company/products/brand. No marketing outside of stand or floor space area, please, as it is unfair to other Stallholders.
•         Stallholders must only sell the products listed on their Application Form. You may be asked to remove products from display on market day if they have not been disclosed, and accepted by the Organizer prior to the event.
•         Stallholders are responsible for the security of their merchandise.
•         The Organizer shall not be liable for damage to any stalls caused by loss, theft, fire, water, storms, strikes and riots or by the interference or negligence of any person unless the damage is actually caused directly by the Organizer.         
We hope everyone has a successful & enjoyable day!

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