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Rana Shubair (R) with her daughter Huda Shubair at the Great March of Return in the Gaza Strip on Friday March 30, 2018. (Photo: We Are Not Numbers)
April 4, 2018


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Video appears to show Israeli shot ending Palestinian footballer’s career as he stands with selfie stick

By Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins

A video posted by a Gaza journalist today appears to show the moment that Mohammed Khalil, a young Palestinian football player, was shot in the leg, destroying his knee, and his career, evidently by an Israeli sniper while the young man was merely video'ing himself near the Israeli border last Friday. Israel killed 17 Palestinian protesters and wounded hundreds more. 

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Everyone was united under one motto: We have a right to return to our historic homeland

By Rana Shubair

Rana Shubair explains she is going to camp by the border between Gaza and Israel for the next six weeks "to remind the world that we have a right to return home."

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Highlighting trending topics

By Dave Reed

Today we're rolling out some small changes to the Mondoweiss website. The new navigation bar at the top lets us highlight issues or articles that are trending, helping new and returning visitors easily locate items that are drawing a lot of attention.

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Saudi Arabia’s crown prince says Israelis have a ‘right to have their own land’

By Kate

In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, Mohammed bin Salman said Israel has the same "right" to their land that the Palestinians have, putting the competing land claims on an equal footing for the first time.

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Only grassroots pressure will end Israel’s impunity for a massacre

By Jonathan Ofir

US officials have defended Israel's massacre of civilians in Gaza as a 'response' to terrorism - even before it happened. And afterward, the US “sheriff”, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, again kicked her high heels, blocking a draft UN Security Council statement which called for an “independent and transparent investigation” of the violence. The only answer to official support is grassroots pressure.

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The Great March of Return and the ‘angel of history’

By Jamil Khader

Bethlehem University's Jamil Khader writes of the Great March of Return: "The importance of the Great March of Return lies in the way it staged a raw and unmediated confrontation between the brute high-tech power of one of the most powerful armies in the world and the bare life of thousands of unarmed people in their humanity and dignity . . the message of the march reframes the right of return and freedom not only within international human rights law, but also within an emancipatory and utopian future for all."

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Geraldo Rivera regrets not backing Palestinians in Second Intifada

By Philip Weiss

Another datapoint in the discourse's march to the left. On Fox News, Geraldo Rivera says that the Israel Palestine conflict is the "original sin" of the United States, from which "a lot of our problems stem". And his big regret is that he did not back the oppressed Palestinians during the Second Intifada.

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