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Online interactive original Apollo 11 spaceflight audio-visual experience
//firstmenonthemoon comments

From Selling Scoops of Ice Cream to Founding ZeroCater
//techcrunch comments

A non-mathematical explanation of one way functions
//jgc comments

Don't Copy-Paste from Website to Terminal
//thejh comments

Shodan: The scariest search engine on the Internet
//cnn comments

Google Street View Hyperlapses
//thisiscolossal comments

New Persona Beta: Millions of Users Ready to Log In using Any Browser
//mozilla comments

I gave away my xbox 360 today
//google+ comments

The Creator (of Minecraft)
//newyorker comments

A KPI dashboard for early-stage SaaS startups
//christophjanz comments

#Ask HN

What's the best technical talk you've heard?

How can we get Google Support?

#Show HN

Hummingbird - A fresh take on music notation //hummingbirdnotation comments

Status Board by Panic is out //panic comments

Firepad, an open source collaborative text editor //firepad comments

Hide Secret Messages In Facebook Photos With My Chrome Extension //owencampbellmoore comments

Just Landed //getjustlanded comments

Rappad - Write better lyrics //rappad comments

Everpix //everpix comments


Hoodie: very fast web app development //hood comments

Csscss: a CSS redundancy analyzer that analyzes redundancy //github comments

Yummy cookies across domains //github comments

Decaf: Ruby in the Browser //trydecaf comments

Practical Techniques to Achieve Quality in Large Software Projects //memsql comments

Surfacing Interesting Content //heyzap comments


Setting up Sublime Text 2 //alexmaccaw comments

A simple dark theme and accompanying color scheme for Sublime Text 2 //github comments

Subvim, Vim customized to bring SublimeText like features and shortcuts //github comments

Keep TODOs in git //coderwall comments


Polychart.js: A Truly Interactive Charting Library //polychartjs comments

Programmatic Art //urbanape comments

Front-end performance for web designers and front-end developers //csswizardry comments


Git koans //stevelosh comments

A Practical Intro to Data Science //zipfianacademy comments

The Quickest Wins in SEO //segment comments


UCSD Computer Scientists Develop Video Game that Teaches How to Program in Java //ucsd comments

Solve for <x> //solveforx comments

A general technique for automating NES games //cmu comments


Mozilla's Gary Kovacs to step down as CEO //mozilla comments

Running a software team at Google //matt-welsh comments


My Code made it to a Hollywood Movie //securitytube comments

I skateboarded 85km (52mi) from Sydney to Wollongong. It took me 12 hours. //rotub comments

Spirograph in HTML 5 //codepen comments