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Late 12pm Order Cut-off for Easter Monday

This week when you're busy coming home from an Easter away putting in a Fair Food order is often the last thing on your hot cross bun and chocolate affected mind.  Sadly it's often the time when the cupboard and fridge are at their barest.  Fear not, as is our public holiday tradition, we are pushing our cut-off time for Tuesday and Wednesday orders back to 12pm on Easter Monday.  So if you miss your Sunday night order don't fret just put it in on Monday morning before 12pm and everything will be alright.


Fair Food Survey: One more week to tell us how you feel.

Remember when Fair Food started - when we only sold set boxes and only delivered to food hosts?  When the few grocery extras we sold were delivered in a communal crate, when the website did a really funny scrolling thing after you bought an item?  It's been all your survey feedback and suggestions that have changed the way we do things.  And that's made all the difference, so lend us your head and share your thoughts and ideas - you can find the survey here

Love to go a guava?  Paul Haar's Feijoas are coming!

Famous sustainable architect and organic feijoa grower, Paul Haar, texted last week to say this year's crop of feijoas are nearly ready and looking good.  If you don't know about feijoas they, like kiwifruit, were popularized by Kiwis. Introduced to New Zealand from South America in the 1920's as the perfect maintenance and pest free backyard fruit tree, they became so popular that in feijoa season people leave bags of them at their front gates for neighbours to take away.  The yearly feijoa glut has inspired all kinds of preserving and processing - there are even some classy feijoa champagnes available. Feijoas are in the guava family and they have a unique aromatic flavour with this addictive slightly gritty texture.  If you cut one in half feijoas reveal their Mandelbrot, crop circle-style fractal geometry that I'm positive contributes to their special taste.  We're expecting Paul's first feijoa shipment any day so keep your eye on the Fruit and Veg section of the webshop.

Have a great week



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