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Maggies Cranberry Almond Biscuits
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Now that it's December and the idea of feeding two birds with one scone really does seem like the only way we'll get it all done, why not make it a delicious stack of them. And so it's our great pleasure to share this week's recipe - the winner of our recent Christmas competition. Maggie won us over with her simple, yummy, great-for-all-dietary-persuasions edible gift of choice. We all loved them. A huge thanks to everyone who sent in their favourite recipes, we had gingerbread stacks, pecan bickies and minty peppermint barks wrapped up with string. So here's to simplifying th e season as best we can, making room for a little creativity and generously sharing the good things we have.

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Yellow Nectarines
Item 1
If only the wise words of Paul McCartney were true and we all did indeed live in a Yellow Nectarine. Oh what a world that would be and with Ringo as the lead vocalist to boot.

500g $8.50
1kg $15.90

Item 2
Not sure if it's because they've been particularly tasty of late, or if there's something funny in the water at the warehouse but we've been imagining a world of inner-urban houses actually built OUT of avocado toast lately.

$3.70 each
2 for $6.95
3 for $9.95

Item 3
Last week's pea-centric salad with radish and mint was a total winner, and if it whet the appetite for a fuchsia pink fiesta in your kitchen, these bunches from Joe's Garden are currently on extra special.

$2.95 bunch
2 bunches $5.50

Did you know

I've always admired families who do Kris Kringle (aka Secret Santa) - they're usually the ones with 10 or more children where it's economically and temporally impossible for everyone to get everyone else a present. With just one present each Kris Kringle seems to restore a kind of sanity back to Christmases - anyone who has witnessed a 3 year old throwing a Christmas-present-fatigue tantrum will understand.

I also love the Brothers Grimmish European tradition of Belsnickle; a mythical being who gives gifts to children who have behaved well but distributes lumps of coal (even more meaningful in a climate change era) to children who have misbehaved. The whole Belsnickle program has typically sensible Northern European in-built limits to growth; gifts are placed in shoes or stockings naturally restricting extravagance (although children with very small feet may rightly feel hardly done by).

Of course in the internet app age there are tools to help Kris Kringlers should you want to embrace the tradition. These sites boast features ensuring nobody will draw their own name (a constant danger) and options to make sure estranged relatives will never be in the situation of gifting each-other poison laced Christmas puddings or stuffed toys containing contraband just before a holiday in Bali.

Newcastle Pudding Lady Traditional Organic Christmas Pudding
The Pudding Lady organic traditional Christmas pudding 500g or 1kg
All the traditional pudding methodology, and nothing to be done by you except serve and devour with lashings of brandy cream. Hung on the line to mature just up the road in Newcastle.
500g down from $29.95 to $28.95, and 1kg down from $45.95 to $43.95
The Goods Gluten Free Organic Christmas Pudding
The Goods GF traditional Christmas pudding 350g or 700g
Let not the gluten intolerant among us be without a festive traditional Christmas pudding option, if that is truly their heart's desire. Let them be welcomed to the picnic blanket set out on the foreshore grass to enjoy the fruit soaked and boiled and wrapped in cloth.
350g down from $19.95 to $18.95, 700g down from $29.95 to $27.95
The Goods Gluten Free Panforte
The Goods Panforte (GF) 200g
You don't have to be gluten intolerant to enjoy a little sliver of panforte. But if you were it would surely be a welcome gift when you need a cup of gluten free tea to enjoy a moment away from all the gluten free tasks that need to be done before the gluten free holidays.
Down from $17.95 to $16.95
KK ideas from our webstore
Miellerie Lake Peddars Nectar or Leatherwood Honey

Miellerie Honey Lake Pedder’s Nectar or Leatherwood 325g

A quality stocking filler for the budding apiarist in your family. Or perhaps the slightly homesick Taswegian in your share house. Or just a honey lover. Miellerie jars reduced form $9.60 to $8.95

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Smalt Fudge

Smalt Fudge dark chocolate & coffee or salted caramel 120g

Bonnie and Cade cold smoke good salt, and then seriously value-add by way of making delicious fudge that blows people's minds. It's really good. Dark chocolate and coffee down from $7.20 to $6.75, caramel down from $6.40 to $5.95

Monsieur Truffe Chocolate Range

Monsieur Truffe chocolate range 100g and Gianduja range 180g

Both the usual chocolate and the special, ridiculously decadent Gianduja blocks (pictured) from East Brunswick's Monsieur Truffe would certainly be welcome at our staff Christmas party. Ahem. Chocolate range down from $12.45 to $11.45, Gianduja range down from $15.45 to $14.45

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