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If ever there was a week to eat tart...


Loafer Bread's Andrea Brabazon bakes these delicate pastries, slices, cakes and biscuits and lays them out in a simple wood and glass cabinet at her bakery in North Fitzroy.  In the way of an artist Andrea takes simple organic ingredients; flour, butter, eggs and sugar and through a mixture of finely honed skill and magical pâtissiering she creates this exquisite edible exhibition - not just once a year but every day.  Whenever I go to the shop and buy something from the display I feel a little bit guilty because they look almost too beautiful to eat - almost. 

Each year just before Christmas Andrea makes a short run of fruit mince tarts (you may or may not have not
iced them in the pic above). The thing is Andrea's fruit mince tarts are around for this week only (shorter than the apricot season). They're a bit pricey but remember this is organic pastry at it's best.  Find them here in the webshop and please enjoy them slowly.

The sound of good gut music

It reads like a verse from "A few of My Favourite Things,"

Cabbage & Caraway, Mixed Beetroot & Kim Chi.  
Fresh Mint & Ginger and Herbal Healing. 
Cayenne & Ginger
 from Dr Chan's.....

No we're not doing Fermentation the Musical these are some of the rewards we're giving away in this year's Unglut Your Gut Challenge. 

The 4 week challenge is a way to eat well and restore your human microbiome (the gut bacteria that keep us healthy) after the Christmas season assault of alcohol, sugar and general overindulgence.  The reward of Pat's Pickled Veg and Dr Chan's Tibicos (a kombucha drink) are like the icing on your gut bacterial cake (not sure if that's such a great way of putting it).  Anyway, last year more than 300 households took the Unglut Your Gut Challenge so we thought it'd be a good thing to support the bacterial community again. 

The challenge works like this;

1. Starting from Jan 13th 2015 place an order like as normal and enter the code BETTERGUT at checkout (you have to do the code thing to be in the challenge)

2. Order for four consecutive weeks - (the consecutive part is the important bit) 

3. Receive a small jar of Pat's Pickled Veg
and a bottle of Dr Chan's delicious tibicos as a reward for looking after you bacterial community. 

Unglut will run for 6 weeks so if you're not back for the first week there'll still be time to get your gut on board.


Xmas closing and New Year opening dates. 

Each year when everyone's heading out of town we take the chance to have a two week break to recharge ourselves and renew our commitment to ethical on-line shopping.  So here are the key dates.....

Our last delivery day is Christmas Eve, Wednesday 24th December

So if the pre-Christmas Day running around thing fills you with horror you can get a Fair Food home delivery the day before Christmas.

Our first delivery back in 2015 is Tuesday 13th January  

The deadline for first orders back is midnight Sunday 11th January

Have a  great week



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