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Local coconuts - this week only!?

Local coconuts you ask?  Is that a picture of a secret plantation somewhere on the Mornington Peninsula?  Has global warming changed things this much already?  Well, not really, it's just that Malcolm from Aclara Health Foods came by the Fair Food warehouse last week.  Malcolm was ecstatic that after many years working with organic coconut products he'd managed to get a shipment of certified organic drinking coconuts from Thailand through quarantine unfumigated (no mean feat).  However, he was also in panic because he had 10,000 of them in cool storage and no one to buy them. 

It sounds like a the start of a bad joke and it was a bit of a conundrum for us.  Usually we wouldn't seek produce from overseas like green coconuts and my first instinct was to say, "no", but what do you do when you know there are 10,000 organic coconuts in a Melbourne cool-store destined to become food waste if they're not eaten.  So we said we'd help out. 

So this week for one week only courtesy of our friend, Malcolm, Fair Food is taking everyone on a mid-winter tropical holiday.  Which totally reminded me of being a kid in the middle of winter when Mum would buy us a coconut for a treat - a mature brown one the same as you'd see on a coconut shy .  When we got it home from our local fruiterer, we'd crack it with a hammer, drink the stale water, chew on the woody flesh and pretend we were desert island dwellers instead of pasty, snotty nosed kids halfway through a long and frosty winter.  And that would do us until next year (obviously very easily pleased - we did only have one TV channel).

You'll find a delicious (I tried one, they're amazing) drinking coconut in all of our set boxes except for the Veg Only and you can also find them in various quantities here in the webstore.  Oh and keep them in your fridge.


Dan and his irrepressible pea sprouts

As you can imagine we've had lots of volunteers and interns working at CERES.  Everybody who volunteers at CERES is treasured for their contribution but occasionally somebody walks in off the street with the words "look out for this one" written all over them.  Dan O'Farrell is one of those volunteers, he came to CERES Fair Food from Brisbane just wanting to get involved with a local food project while he studied in Melbourne.   No matter what job we've thrown at him, from writing dry policy documents to doing the early morning fish feeding shift in the aquaponics farm he's done it all with ease, good grace and probably better than we could have ourselves. 

Then somehow a few months back we got talking about sprouts and microgreens (as you do) and Dan professed more than a passing interest.  I suggested he do a sprout trial in some spare space we had in next to our aquaponics system.  Dan jumped at the chance.  A couple of months later, after an intensive period of study and a conference call to Ashley Berrysmith, the legendary sprout king of New Zealand, Dan announced he had 200 packets of organic pea sprouts ready for Fair Food customers and would have more every week after.

Now if you haven't already seen Dan's sprouts in your boxes get ready because he's been bitten by the farming bug and he's expanding his sprout ranch.  I expect before the year is out his expanding range will be available nationally and by the following Christmas he'll be completing global sprout domination.  Look out for this one....


The Fair Food crew say send back your boxes and eskies

We said it last week but it's worth saying again - one of the easiest things we can do to minimise our waste is by flat-packing and leaving out our Fair Food boxes and eskies for pick up, either where your home delivery is dropped or at your Food Host. Above all else at Fair Food we love to reuse packaging (maybe that's a stretch but we like it a lot) and if your box and esky are clean and in good shape we'll use them again and if not we'll recycle them. 

Have a great week


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