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Why I farm. Madelaine Scott, Hollyburton Farm

The second instalment in a series of Fair Food farmers and grocery makers talking about why they do what they do.

She started Madelaine's Eggs on her parents' Macedon Ranges farm as an 8 year old.  Fourteen years later Madelaine runs 2000 chickens and sells her eggs online, at farmers' markets and through more than a dozen retail outlets.  
Being an organic farmer to me means I know I am committed to literally growing a sustainable future. It means regenerating the land not degrading it, feeding people food and not "food-like" products.

As an egg farmer the hardest part is making the effort to raise my chickens from one day old fresh out of the hatchery, to point of lay. Many "free range" farms purchase caged chickens almost fully grown but for me this is the only way because I have positive control over their diet and conditions. So I guess to to broadly summarise, perhaps maintaining a high organic standard while staying financially viable is the hardest thing.

The most rewarding aspect is when the jigsaw of hard work and commitment comes together to percolate down into what I know in my heart are the best possible eggs I can make.
Then have my place in organic farming slot into the larger community and support others committed to the same choice with their organic products; from dairy to grains to... candlesticks! Which makes living low impact and healthily available to anyone. Gives me hope that one day organic food will just be called "food" and what we now call "conventional food" can be more appropriately titled" industrial food products".

You can find Madelaine's eggs in great organic stores all over Melbourne including right here at Fair Food  

Celebrating Fair Food Week the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance with a bit of help from CERES is hosting the second Annual Fair Food Convergence on the 22nd and 23rd October .

"Over two days the Convergence is a democratic forum coming together to share successes and challenges, tell stories, debate strategies and work collectively for radical food system reform from a range of viewpoints, positions, and activities"

Everyone is welcome – farmers, makers, connectors, chefs, community gardeners, hunger activists, consumer advocates, GMO campaigners, academics, and policymakers… read more

Annual fruit vipassana

It happens around this time every year as the asparagus and broad beans appear and the blossoms and buds on the fruit trees give us the impression of fecundity bursting out all over - but sadly in our fruit bowls the variety hits an all time low.  By October we're getting down to the base organic fruit shakras - apples, pears (though not this year) oranges, bananas, lemons and avocados. It's the annual fruit bowl fast that makes the arrival of the apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums over the next couple months that much more special.  Breathe in......breathe out..... 

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The beautiful Petty's Orchard pic above is from Kate at Laptop on the Ironing Board

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