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Strawberry and Basil Bubbly
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I thought I'd end this huge year (and another year of weekly recipes - woah I really thought I'd run out of ideas by now) with a quick yet celebratory treat in the form of summer hydration. And straight from the veggie box, too. Berries, basil, some kind of carbonated beverage... how could I not share it for our last 2016 edition. So dust off the soda stream, folks. May a little clinking of pink glasses warm the heart and those glasses be garnished, just because.

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Item 1
East Gippsland's finest purple garlic direct from the Watts family (Blue Sky Organics) is always welcome in my Christmas stocking. Truly a win-win all round.

100g $4.50
200g $8.50

Snow Peas
Item 2
A classic babaganush dipper for your end of year picnic, kids party, Christmas hors d'oeuvres or office lunchbox (because it's not all holidays, gosh).

150g $4.50
300g $8.50

Item 3
Brief but beautiful. Alex in the office has been loading us all up with her own backyard bonanza, but if you don't have an Alex on hand these are also fabulous.

500g $6.95
1kg $12.95

Give the gift of hummus

So our lovely neighbour gave us a cellophane bag of Christmas gingerbread that she and her daughter made. I’m eating it now as I write this to help me feel better about my pre-Christmas life, which if I put into words goes something like – “After you’ve finished working call the people about delivering Mum’s gift, then pick up that essential other bit that for some reason isn’t included in our son’s already expensive present and on the way back grab the kids from the end of year party and some eggs and don’t forget to return Thingy’s thing and swap it for the other thing that he wants...”

Every day for the next week there’s a daily to-do list that goes along these insanity-inducing lines. Yes, it’s all self-inflicted but how do you get out of it – how do we get off this ride? I have an arrangement with my mother-in-law where every Christmas she only gives me underpants. The simplicity and practicality brings us both great comfort and satisfaction. Next year could our family just give each other something like a plate afghan cookies or a nicely worn stick. Could we be happy with that?

Could we unplug Christmas, could we dial it down to a point where it’s okay to give a bowl of hummus or the offer to darn a loved one's favourite old jumper? Could simplicity save ourselves from ourselves. Could we lower expectations and raise appreciation? The gains to the community in mental health and social cohesion would more than offset the drop in retail spending - to say nothing of the reduction in Christmas shopping related carpark collisions. So maybe this year when somebody asks you what you want for Christmas give them and yourself a present and go for the gingerbread.

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Newcastle Pudding Lady Traditional Organic Christmas Pudding
The Pudding Lady traditional Christmas pudding 500g or 1kg
Nobody knows who the Pudding Lady really is, but we like to think of her as a kind of motherly guardian angel from on high.
Organic 500g down from $29.95 to $28.95, and 1kg down from $45.95 to $43.95
The Goods Gluten Free Organic Christmas Pudding
The Goods GF traditional Christmas pudding 350g or 700g
It's the last chance to experience a gluten free, organic pud wrapped in cloth and laying in your fruit and veg delivery.
350g down from $19.95 to $18.95, 700g down from $29.95 to $27.95
Smalt Salted Caramel Fudge Minis
Smalt salted caramel fudge minis 6 pack
These mini fudges would be hands down the best edible christmas tree decorations this side of little Joan's wobbly-iced salt cookie stars. Truly edible ornaments, I'm doing It.
Down from $14.95 to $13.95
Christmas Gift Ideas
More Specials
Dench Mince Tarts

Dench mince tarts (pack of 4)

Too busy to get down to Dench and pick up a box of big mince tarts to take to Aunty Dot this weekend? We hear you. We're coming past your way anyway, you need any bread with that? Down from $19.70 to $18.45

The Goods Organic Shortbreads

The Goods organic shortbreads (18 pieces 250g)

Shortbread is one of those things like fruit cake for me – I have little to no desire for it all year but then they put the tinsel up on the street poles and Bingo the yuletide yearning arrives like clockwork. Down from $11.75 to $9.95

Dench GF Molasses Biscuits

Dench GF molasses biscuits (pack of 7)

Perfect for the keen present wrapper in your household who thrives on anything cylindrical or oddly shaped so they can impress all with their superior styling skills. Down from $14.25 to $13.45 and yep they're gluten free too.

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