Your tweets and emails can help stop more Yanomami dying of measles.
Dear friend,

Yanomami Indians of Venezuela and Brazil are dying from a devastating measles epidemic.

One baby has died and the Yanomami speak of many more dead and dying in the forest.

The Yanomami, like many tribal peoples, have little immunity to Western diseases. Outbreaks of diseases killed a fifth of the Yanomami in Brazil in the past.

Survival and our supporters are lobbying as hard as we can to ensure the Yanomami receive the medical care they need to survive.

Your emails and tweets have already pushed the authorities into taking some action.

But much more needs to be done to stop this urgent humanitarian crisis getting even worse.

Please email the Pan American Health Organization, and the Venezuela and Brazil governments, urging them to provide immediate medical care to the Yanomami, and protect the Yanomami’s territory from invaders.

Let's make as much noise as possible – you can email (see below), Tweet, or post to Facebook. Better still... do all three!

Thank you so much for your help.

Best wishes,

Stephen Corry
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Subject: Measles epidemic among the Yanomami

I am extremely concerned at the measles epidemic affecting the Yanomami tribe on the Venezuela-Brazil border. The Yanomami have little immunity to this disease, and some remain uncontacted.

Although some measures have been taken to address the crisis, urgent medical care for the contacted Yanomami communities is desperately needed to prevent further deaths.

The disease has almost certainly been introduced by the thousands of gold miners operating illegally on Yanomami land. I urge you to take decisive action now to remove the miners and properly protect this land.
Yours sincerely,

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