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For the second week in a row, we're gonna start this newsletter by talking about wine. Specifically, the art, wine and style on show at a recent cocktail bash thrown by Harper's BAZAAR, in which our fashion illustrator Megan Hess donated two illustrations for silent auction. The sale of Megan's work raised $2,030 for charity... we'll raise a glass to that! In other sparkling news this week, Guy Shield went to the year 2050 for Darebin Council (shhh, it's ok, he came back) and the glorious Sketchbook by Ben Montero opened at Lamington Drive. Come on down to check out cartoon-style tributes to Fleetwood Mac, Lou Reed, Scott Walker, Phil Spector and Santana, as well as plenty of black, self-confessional humour (our favourite). This brilliant series of stop-motion animations by paper-crafter Benja Harney and the animation whizzes at Flutter for Officeworks Intel Tech Refresh is also well worth checking out. Also, Hayley Sparks completed the most divine, whimsical shoot for La Petite Magazine. More below. Love always - jw.

How gorgeous is this photograph? Hayley Sparks worked with stylist Tessa Kavanagh and young models from Bayside Modelling to create a beautiful editorial fashion spread about forgotten summers and treehouse forts. Hayley grew up in Portland, Oregon and we're delighted that her lifelong fascination with the camera brought her back to Australia 2013. Check out her folio here.

Around Town

Megan Hess for Croser

Aug 11, 2014 10:03 am

Megan Hess recently collaborated with Croser sparkling wines to create two illustrations for a charity auction presented by Harpers BAZAAR. The silent auction took place at a cocktail party hosted by BAZAAR’s editor-in-chief at Arc One Gallery in Melbourne. All proceeds from the night went to Fitted for Work, an organisation that helps disadvantaged women gain employment. The sale of Megan’s work alone raised $2,030. Let’s raise a glass to this accomplished woman of art, wine and style!  


Guy Shield for Darebin Council

Aug 08, 2014 10:43 am

Guy Shield was commissioned by Melbourne design and letterpress studio The Hungry Workshop to create illustrations for a graphic novel produced by Darebin Council. Based on the fact that our everyday decisions affect our eventual futures, the concept, design and art direction aims to show the people of Darebin how their actions might affect the community they live in. Filled with familiar neighbourhood spaces, businesses and boutiques, as well as a host of diverse characters, the interactive narrative evolves with each seemingly incidental decision the reader makes. The future is literally in their hands  and yours. The graphic novel was distributed through local eateries, cafes, bars, bookstores and schools and supported online with a responsive, interactive website and street poster campaign. Props to The Hungry Workshop for the awesome photographs.


Hayley Sparks for La Petite Magazine

Aug 07, 2014 09:51 am

Hayley Sparks‘ latest editorial story was shot at a lake house in the Mornington Peninsula during the peak of summer for La Petite Magazine. Hayley described it as a country shoot which captures the lovely, lazy days of summer. “It’s all about imaginative play and the freedom and joy of being a kid,” she said. Hayley worked with stylist Tessa Kavanagh and young models from Bayside Modelling.


Flutter feat. Benja Harney for Intel Tech Refresh

Aug 06, 2014 10:07 am

Our animation and motion graphics house Flutter worked in collaboration with our papercraft artist Benja Harney to create a suite of social media animations for an Officeworks Intel Tech Refresh campaign. Did you know that compared to those a mere four years ago, Intel computers now start up eight times faster, have three times longer battery life, and cost a whopping $300 less? Yeah. Benja carefully handcrafted each papercraft element (copping 32 papercuts along the way) then shipped ‘em down to Melbourne where Flutter’s animators got to work bringing them to life. The result? A sweet series of five stop motion animations featuring exploding cardboard computers, a race of the laptops, and an adorable paper piggy-bank. Check out each animation on Flutter here.


Ben Montero’s ‘Sketchbook’ at Lamington Drive

Aug 05, 2014 10:27 am

Ben Montero is taking his art out of the music scene and inside a gallery for the very first time, and we’re honoured to be presenting ‘Sketchbook’ at Lamington Drive. Montero’s work is inspired by a love-hate relationship with the music world and his past-present reflections on pop culture. His work has been featured in Vice, Huffington Post, The Australian Book Review and Desktop Magazine as well as across events for Melbourne  Music Week and Music Victoria. It’s characterised by rich, psychedelic colours and a dark, twisted sense of humour. Won’t you join us for Opening Night this Thursday, 7 August? We’ll be having drinks and making thinly-veiled attacks on record label executives, indie music fashions and ‘bedroom beat makers’ from 6pm.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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