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Good day!

Thanks for joining us. You look nice and sprightly today. Got a little bit of swagger in your step, must have been a good weekend. We've been busy coaxing talented young illustrators into our gingerbread house, otherwise known as Lamington Drive, and fattening up their portfolios for a group show 28 August to 31 August. Read all about it here. Then check out this 60s-inspired fashion spread SEA photographer Lara Jade shot for Cityist Magazine. Nice threads, man. Find out how to enjoy every minute of Sunday on a Monday - SNAP - and enjoy these animated GIFs from Splendour in the Grass. There's also food porn here and some adorable children inadvertently making Pan's Labyrinth references here. That's all for now. Til next time, mind your p's and q's and don't forget to nab a ticket to Field Trip. We're counting down the days with an hourglass... These are the days of our livesLove always - jw.

Lamington Drive has selected four delectable illustrators, coated them with chocolate, smothered them in coconut and sandwiched them together with strawberry jam for the month of August. Feel free to pop in during gallery hours on Saturdays and say yellow.

Around Town

Clare Plueckhahn for foodies everywhere

12 August 2013

Über-talented SEA photographer Clare Plueckhahn took these luscious photos on a shoot she worked on alongside stylist Alexandra Nardi. Is anyone else hungry? Just us?


Luci Everett for Chalk 'n' Cheese

09 August 2013

Luci Everett recently completed this sweet ‘n’ whimsical set of images for Melbourne-based children’s clothing boutique Chalk ‘n’ Cheese. Taking photographs by Alexandrena Parker, Luci painted her designs and motifs over the new season’s hero images then complemented these with a collection of patterns. She added flowers, felt and foliage to evoke the magic and delight of a secret garden. We think Luci’s handiwork definitely amps up the adorability of the images – just like how cutting sandwiches into triangles improves the taste.


Daniel Boud for Faster Louder

08 July 2013

SEA photographer Daniel Boud was approached by Faster Louder to shoot a series of moving portraits, in animated GIF format, to showcase the bands playing at Splendour in the Grass. Dan shot each batch of portraits backstage in the FL photo studio and the splendrous fields surrounding it (see what we did there?). The result is glorious GIFs of staggering genius. We especially love the Klaxons, Deap Valley and James Blake. You can see more GIFs here and here.


Gemma O'Brien and Pete McDonald for 'Love Every Minute of Sunday'

07 August 2013

Typography queen Gemma O’Brien created the latest logotype to be used across a News Limited campaign with our killer Kiwi Pete McDonald developing a suite of illustrated assets for the TVC’s. Collaborating closely with Engine and AJF Partnership, Gemma brought ‘Love Every Minute of Sunday’ to life with cursive script and clockface flourishes before handing the baton to Pete who worked with the team at Engine to create dozens of doodles for both press and TV. Go team!


Lara Jade for Cityist Magazine

06 August 2013

SEA photographer Lara Jade gave a nod to mod with this 60s-inspired shoot for Cityist Magazine. She declared, “60s always calls for an animated editorial opportunity!”, and promptly delivered a fashion spread that’s as entertaining as it is chic. Featuring exactly zero plastic white go-go boots and spawning multitudinous obsessions with black and white lines, the shoot shows so much creativity with the outfits and directions that Austin Powers himself would say, “Smashing, baby!”


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Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.

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