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Good morning starshine,

It's nice to see your sleep-deprived face. We have some tidbits from the JW blog for your early-morning delectation. We guarantee that if you casually drop them into public discourse, they'll cause as much excitement as gummy bears in a quiche. And seriously, how delicious would gummy bears be in a quiche? Almost as good as a Snack In The Face! Or the next best thing to a quality wine with your chosen family. Perhaps even the precursor to passing out on a TASSEL+GAINE cushion. Or a reminder how lucky we are not to have censored figures or food choices in our lives. That's us for now - we're off to do something delicious and creative, possibly involving pastry and gelatin. Love always - jw.

Later this week we will be doing a giveaway for the The Big Draw Talks at The Memo in Healesville. Like an unkind elder sibling, we're only going to taunt you with the scantest of details now, but please know that Mark Knight, Mimi Leung, Zhen Chew and Kelly Thompson will be there and presenting indispensable tips on how to survive as an illustrator in our media-saturated world. Oooh, we're terrible teases not telling you more, but we will leave you with the satisfying knowledge that the gallery walls and windows will be transformed as the public are invited to ‘make their mark.’ Keep your eyes peeled for our Big Draw Talks blog later in the week!

Around Town

Mike Jacobsen for ‘Snack! In The Face’

Oct 21, 2013 10:03 am

Mike Jacobsen worked with DT Digital Melbourne to create a suite of illustrated assets for KFC’s  ‘Snack! In The Face’ app. That’s right, a snack in your face if you can save the delicious chicken snacks stolen by the evil Professor Snackbot and pop them into Colonel Sanders’ mouth! Designed for those hungry for chicken AND adventure, the iPhone/Android game provides daily snack challenges which can score winners up to 2,500 snacks daily. Best of all, it’s free, and prize wallets of chicken can be redeemed at any KFC store across Australia.

Our very talented Perchling Mike illustrated the introductory narrative comics, cut scenes and level backgrounds, and the super talented team at DT created the additional assets. Last week, ‘Snack! In The Face’ was the #1 arcade game in Australia on the iTunes App Store and you can amuse yourself with the official trailer here. So what are you waiting for? Get a snack in your face already! The game can be downloaded for iPhone from the iTunes App Store or Android from Google Play until December 2, 2013.


Steph Hughes for Gallo Family Vineyards

Oct 18, 2013 09:37 am

We bird-lovers at The Jacky Winter Group recently worked with Steph Hughes and BBDO SF on a major project for Gallo Family Vineyards. Steph worked tirelessly for four months to create 300 original illustrations for Gallo’s online ‘Crest Creator™’: the newest, coolest way to celebrate your family. And family in this case isn’t strictly limited to the people you’re related to – it can be anyone you relate to. The Crest Creator affirms the value of ‘found families’ and each unique custom crest can be printed on a variety of products thanks to a neat partnership with We would like to raise a (metaphorical) glass to Steph on the completion of the project and to BBDO SF for being such a dream to work with. But you must be of legal drinking age to create a crest, all right?


Fleur Harris for TASSEL+GAINE

Oct 17, 2013 07:00 pm

Designer, illustrator and all round rad lass Fleur Harris has teamed up with her designer bestie Laine Fraser to create the phenomenon that is TASSEL+GAINE. Turning cushions into canvases, these girls have taken their freakishly good taste and eye for composition and turned it to homewares. TASSEL+GAINE will ship to anywhere in the world so we highly recommend you get your retail therapy right here on the internet machine and snap up some of the newly launched collection.


Phil Toledano for The Absent Portrait

Oct 16, 2013 10:07 am

One of SEA‘s offshore photographers, Phil Toledano, has a controversial new exhibition showing at Edmund Pearce Gallery in Melbourne. Entitled ‘The Absent Portrait’, Phil’s exhibition brings images of censorship from Iran to Australia, making use of product packaging in which women are either blacked out or inked out by hand.

In Phil’s own words,

“I source original censored packaging from Iran… packaging in which the women have been erased… [then I take the] blacked-out figure from the surrounding image, and a transformation occurs. The censor becomes an artist.”

In Phil’s work, the censor – someone whose very function is to erase – becomes an inadvertent artist. These portraits speak of absence, of suppression. Censored images become portraits captured from a certain point of view.

‘The Absent Portrait’ runs from October 9 to November 2.


And that's your lot for this week. Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodbye til it be morrow,

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