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Dispatches from the Publisher's Desk

How do you broaden the mission of a literary journal? One way is to hook up with writers you admire, ask them to follow their passions, and let them cut loose!

As you will note below, Atticus Review is reaching far and wide to bring literature to crooked letter at a time. No longer are we content to find inventive writing that challenges convention and defies categorization. We now want to redefine the role of literature by tackling topics usually associated with your morning newspaper.

Don't worry. We're still your source for genre-busting fiction and poetry. We still revel in make-believe stories by wordsmiths who help us escape the real world. We just want to steer the narrative of the realities we can change.

We refuse to accept a world where "dumbing down" content is the norm. We're better than that. Help us stay on top of our game. Help us change the narrative!     

Here's a taste of what we've been working on.
The author (L) on Mount 501 of the USS California (CGN-36) near the Straits of Hormuz, Persian Gulf, during Operation Desert Strike, 1996.Peaceful Protest
  1. Gonzo Journalism: Jared Yates Sexton takes to the road and burns the White House candle at both ends with Atticus On The Trail, where he considers Joe Biden's presidential bid and the rise of Bernie Sanders.
  2. Veteran Advocacy: Tommy Zurhellen frames Tales from the VFW as a digital scrapbook and movable feast of military memories. Submit your tale today! 
  3. Grass-roots Activism: Sarah Shellow delivers a persuasive plea to protect sacred Native American ancestral land--and save Oak Flat--from a foreign mining company's devices with her essay, "Healing the Wounds of Our Past."
  4. Investigative Reporting: Daniel Forbes rolls out a five-part Atticus Uncovered series with a report on the unauthorized taking of a baptist church in "The Theft of a Black Baptist Church in Gentrified Portland, Oregon."
  5. Sports: Joe Lucido joins the Atticus team as our first free agent sports editor acquisition! A St. Louis Cardinals fan by summer, and a St. Louis Blues and Alabama Crimson Tide fan by fall, Joe encourages you to submit your work by Oct. 9 for consideration in the next More Than Sports Talk issue. 
  6. Arts & Entertainment: Sam Slaughter's crack team of book reviewers continue to light up the indie lit scene with a Review Package featuring 18 titles, while Alison Lanier offers her take on a couple of new indie films. If you're interested in covering the arts, contact us!
  7. Travel: Eric D. Goodman reports from the road on his book tour: "Another country altogether compared to my home in the east. I’m listening to an audiobook of John Steinbeck as I drive through Steinbeck Country.
  8. Fiction: Georgia Bellas interviews Anna Lea Jancewicz, our featured fiction writer. "I live on the precipice of the decision, whether or not to go looking for it and return to being a wild creature. I reckon that all wives and mothers do."
  9. Poetry: Michael Meyerhofer interviews Collin Kelley, our featured poet. "When I sit down to write a poem, I don’t think about rules but whether or not I’m reaching a truth and whether this personal experience translates well enough for a stranger to understand and empathize."
  10. Literary Matters: Two years ago our press published Paper Dreams, a collective history of the American literary magazine. To commemorate the occasion, we republished a lively five-part roundtable discussion, with editors relaying the joys and pains of running a literary press and magazine. 
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