Do you say thank you?
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Hello Samantha!

In the day to day, the busy-ness of the very work of finding and winning customers and then delivering what they've bought, it's so easy to forget your manners.

Your customers are the reason your business gets to have another day.


It is probably the most simple of concepts. Consider how you appreciate when you are thanked for spending your money. And how you feel when it is forgotten. It makes a difference.

Say 'thank you' for waiting (even if it's only been a minute). Say thank you when you are paid on time. Say 'thank you' when you have been picked, because  you may have been on a long list to start with. Say 'thank you for the feedback' because it shows that someone cares enough about your business to tell you what they think.  

Saying thank you helps to remind you who is keeping you in business.
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How about saying 'thank you' as part of your planned customer journey? Need help starting or evolving one?
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