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Dear Campus Community,
We are writing to you today regarding a student protest that took place at the February 16, 2016 Faculty Council meeting.
Faculty Council is the body charged with making decisions on academic policy. It conducts its business according to Roberts Rules of Order to ensure effective group discussion and decision-making. The chair of Faculty Council leads the meeting and, among other duties, recognizes who can and cannot speak, including guests.
The small group of students who disrupted Faculty Council had not been recognized by the chair and refused to follow his direction. They made a number of demands on a wide range of topics, including free tuition, campus safety, a faculty contract, and campus diversity. In addition, the students directed hateful anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish comments to members of our community. We find this disruptive behavior unacceptable and the hateful comments especially abhorrent.
Brooklyn College is committed to fostering a campus environment in which challenging issues and viewpoints can be expressed. However, such conversations must not impede the faculty’s right and responsibility to conduct the academic business of the College; nor should these conversations create a climate of exclusion and hostility. 
We will be vigilant in our efforts to promote a safe and respectful learning environment.


Karen L. Gould

William A. Tramontano
Provost and Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs

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