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Volume #18
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Social Media for Small Business Workshops Series
E-Newsletter Creation using MailChimp $25, 18-Oct
Having an e-newsletter for your business is a great way to stay in touch with customers – especially when they’re not quite ready to buy. We’ll set up an e-newsletter template using MailChimp (free for up to 1000 email addresses) and you’ll leave with a firm grasp on how to draft your first e-newsletter and send it to your email database. If you attended the fist two sessions in this series and developed a website, I’ll show you how to create a newsletter subscription link on your website.
Content Creation and Management Tools $25, 26-Oct
I consistently hear from those not engaged with or new to social media: “I don’t have the time to do this” and “I don’t really have anything to say”. Bring your laptop and we’ll download TweetDeck to make it easier to manage your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and we’ll set up your GoogleReader so you can subscribe to blogs and searches relevant to your industry as RSS feeds.
To register, visit: All workshops in the series will take place from 6-8pm in the Conference Room of the Worldwide Amplified Studio located on the Skywalk Level of the Partnership Building at 700 Locust Street in Downtown Des Moines.

Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
Is your job comfortable? Are you learning new skills or doing the same old thing?
One thing I discovered over the past couple of years is that I became very comfortable getting up, going to work and coming home. My previous job wasn’t extremely challenging and my skills were stagnant. When I was laid off last year, I realized that I needed to reinvent myself and that came about by putting myself in uncomfortable situations (in my opinion): networking, learning new skills, public speaking. You don’t grow personally or professionally unless you reach beyond your comfort zone. Read the full blog post here.

The 7 Deadly Fears of Blogging and How to Overcome Them: (click for the full article)
1. Manic idea generation

Tactic 1: Stop running from idea to idea and ship the ones you’re already committed to.

2. Holding back

Tactic 2: Don’t be afraid to be you. Turn your little flame into a wildfire. Some of the best bloggers are more personal and open than even I’m comfortable with, and guess what…their audience loves them for it.

3. Low confidence

Tactic 3: Seth Godin wrote about it in Tribes, and the truth is that yes—we need you to lead us. People do care what you think, in fact, much more than you can imagine. You owe it to them to share it; don’t be selfish.

4. Little guy syndrome

Tactic 4: Stop cutting yourself down and give yourself permission to be great. No one is going to ask you to be great, but they’ll step in line the minute you prove that you are. Claim your authority; don’t wait for it.

5. Irrational fear of guest posts

Tactic 5: The word no is nothing to be afraid of, and instead of fearing it, you should get used to hearing it. Don’t view no as a crippling blow, but as a way to get one step closer to a yes. If the simple act of making a request is enough to ruin a relationship, then it wasn’t worth much in the first place.

6. Resistance to product creation

Tactic 6: Don’t let the resistance win. Rather than focusing on the fear of losing time to do something else, or your inability to create a perfect product, focus on the positive … focus on shipping. Product creation, like blogging, takes time to perfect, but you’ll never get there if you don’t start.

7. Fear of asking for money

Tactic 7: Get comfortable asking for the sale. Find every opportunity you can to practice this, and keep going until the fear goes away. Eventually, it will become second nature, I promise you.


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Suzanne Hull
“Get It Done Girl”
Contemporary Business Solutions
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As the "Get It Done Girl", I help small businesses become more efficient by offering a variety of services on an as-needed basis:
  • Event Planning and Conference Management
  • Social Media Coaching and Community Management
  • General Business Support
  • Basic Website Development
  • German/Spanish Translation & German Tutoring
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About Stein's Way Suzanne is a Des Moines transplant who has realized the Power of being a Free Agent. Well-versed in many and varied skills, she has a passion for helping organizations and people achieve their potential. Suzanne = wife, traveler, multi-linguist, triathlete and cook.


Suzanne was a delight to work with on the Natural Living Expo. From upfront contracts to timely delivery of her services, she maintained a high level of professionalism and aptitude. She represented the show and its constituents very effectively, and I would certainly encourage others to engage Suzanne and Contemporary Business Solutions. I look forward to working with her again.

Chaden Halfhill
Natural Living Expo

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