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Last month we spent an insightful day in company of Brendon Eisner (pictured above)  of Daylesford Organics and Rod May of Captains Creek Farm.  Both Brendon and Rod have an impressive, thoughtful approach regenerative farming and share a common passion for the land and the produce they grow. Quirky weather and the floods have meant that these guys have been kept on their toes this season.  Brendon in particularly has had a tough time with the devastating flooding of  his veggie gardens, which meant that he didn't get any of his heirloom vegetables to market this season.  Despite this, Bren is an optimistic and pragmatic bloke and told us that because he chose to diversify on the farm with chickens, he was actually very lucky... (by the way you can buy Brendons amazing Daylesford Organic Eggs here ).  

We will have some short video snippets of our day out soon.

New web store...

You will notice that when you next go to our web store that there has been some big changes. We gave the shop a completely new look and feel and hope it's now easier to find what you are looking for.  We are also expanding our range with a whole bunch of new organic goodies and this will be growing weekly as we add more products. Watch out for 'buy in bulk' goods such as lentils, grains, nuts etc...  We are keeping with buying from local producers where possible, so it  would be great if you have any suggestions for produce (or anything else?) that you think our members would like - please let us know - enjoy!

Aquaponics comes to Fair Food

Aquaponic system

You may have noticed the beautiful basil that's been making an appearance in the boxes in the last few weeks.  This basil is a bit special.  Why? you ask. Because this basil is grown right here at our warehouse in a newly built Aquaponic system.  But what is Aquaponics? I hear you cry.. Well,  Aquaponics is the growing of fish and plants in a symbiotic system.  Our Aquaponic system is completely organic (although we can't be certified as we are not growing veg in soil), uses much less water than conventional growing methods and because it's grown in pollytunnel means that you will be getting fresh herbs all year round. Another benefit of Aquaponics is that because we are not using any soil theres no land degradation. These herbs are  just about as sustainable and local as it gets.  Steve Mushin (pictured below) is our wunderkind  Green Tech Manager and the man responsible for building this amazing system and that's why he gets the Fair Food 'Food Hero of the Month' award (something we just invented but plan to keep up..).

New Food Hosts

We have been very  busy expanding Fair Food to give the rest of Melbourne a chance to experience our service.  Since February we have opened up Food Hosts at the following locations:

Finally, we love hearing from you, so feel free to contact us with any suggestions or feedback and don't forget there are many ways to stay in touch and could follow us on Facebook and the Twit, or share some recipes on our site -

Thanks for your ongoing support one and all!

Team Fair Food x

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