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BEAHIVE is a new kind of collaborative workspace + community in the Hudson Valley (Beacon + Kingston)

Solopreneurs Sounding Board
Thu, Jan 14, 6:30PM
Members free / $5 public

OPEN HIVE / game
Tue, Jan 19, 6:30pm

OPEN HIVE / film
Thu, Jan 28, 6PM

Film TBD


OPEN HIVE / game
Weds, Jan 6, 6:30pm


OPEN HIVE / music
New Music Salon
Fri, Jan 15, 7PM
Stephen Johnson & Kyle Davidson

Fri, Jan 29, 7PM
Stephen Johnson

Members: $5 / $10 public (suggested)

Solopreneurs Sounding Board
Wed, Jan 20, 6:30PM

Members free / $5 public

OPEN HIVE / film
Tue, Jan 26, 6PM
Film TBD

Beacon: every Thur, 1PM
Kingston: every Weds, 1PM
Members only

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Day Pass: $20

Community Member: $20/month

Lite Coworker: $90/month

Full Coworker: $150/month

Resident Desk: $200/month

Follow us on Twitter
Follow us on Twitter

For most folks 2009 was a challenging year (to say the least). Resolve to rectify that this year.

Engage with us.

We're more than just a physical place with desks and wifi and printers. We're a diverse community of members with a range of creative and technical talents.

We plan programs and events to inspire, educate and bond: personal and professional development workshops, seminars, social and cultural events.

Beacon member Andy Rinehart (a web/multimedia designer) says it pretty well:

"Working at BEAHIVE has solved the isolation problem typical of solopreneurship. But more than that it has given me the chance to belong to something larger. The opportunities for valuable networking, collaboration, consultation and community are huge. I even have the sense that belonging to the hive lends extra credibility to my business. And the space itself has that artisanal sort of magnificence that is out of reach for many freelancers. BEAHIVE is special, progressive, affordable, unique and utterly invaluable."

Join us as a member. Come to one of our events/programs (many are open to all). Or produce a program and help your fellow (wo)man. We have two beautiful spaces for that very purpose.

Already a member? Then engage more. Take advantage of us. We like that.

We have bigger plans for 2010 — togrow our community and our impact, to realize our larger vision.

We quietly opened Kingston last month and so far we have 9 Founding Members (besides the Chronogram folks). Join before February 1 and you too can be one.
We're kicking it in earnest this month with several regular events. See the sidebar.

Even if you missed our BEAHIVE+BCN Holiday Party last month in Beacon, you may have heard about it. Roughly 200 people rocked the hive on Second Saturday. Fovea raised $700+ from works by local photographers at the silent auction we hosted. The buzz resonated long after the bees left the building. Check out these photos by member Paul O'Hanlon.


Graphic designer (and BEAHIVE logo and materials creator) Steven Blumenthal recently started MAC MEN, personal training on the most popular Mac apps. He'll come to you or meet you at the Beacon hive on Main St.

Welcome Kingston members: Beth Bengtson, Perry Goldschein and Arthur Zaczkiewicz of sustainability strategy and communications firm SDialogue; life coach Ethan Campbell of Pro Stress Relief; management consultant Chad Gomes of Booz & Company; John Lehane – founder/CTO of WAKA Kickball (!); website designer Sean O'Dwyer of Design ICU; and Debra Seidman of Art of Massage Massage Therapy.

Join the hive. Rent the hive. Hire the hive. Engage.


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Antidote Collective / BEAHIVE
291 Main St Ste 1
Beacon, NY 12508-2735

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