April 21st, 2017
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A shooting in Paris

We had breaking news out of Paris yesterday that the Champs Elysées was closed. One officer was killed in the shooting, as was the gunman. CNN reports the suspect was known to security officials and had shot and wounded an officer in 2001.

Approaching Trump’s 100 days

Politico highlights Trump’s missing 90-day cyber plan, with work from Edward-Isaac Dovere, Eric Geller, and Matthew Nussbaum. Dovere added on Twitter: “Trump said repeatedly he'd have a cyber plan in 90 days. Today is 90 days. There is no plan or clear answer why not.”

Trump owns $250M in condos, and you could buy one, says a story from Nick Penzenstadler, Steve Reilly, and John Kelly in USA Today. Kelly explained on Twitter: “President Trump's companies own $250M in individual condos, penthouses & home lots, and buyers can hide who they are.”

New York Times Sports pointed out the difference between the Patriots’ champion visit to the White House.

Over at McClatchy, Franco Ordoñez and Anita Kumar write of a secret meeting at Mar-a-Lago that raises questions about Colombia peace and Trump. Sopan Deb tweeted, “This is some incredible digging by @McClatchyDC. And Rubio's involvement.”

Kyle Griffin tweeted that Trump gave a shout out to Pavarotti & called him "a good friend of mine." Except Pavarotti died 10 years ago in 2007.

Moving on to a friend who is alive, Sarah Palin Dined With Trump at the White House. We know that thanks to Glenn Thrush at the New York Times, who adds that Kid Rock, Palin, and Ted Nugent posed in front of Hillary Clinton’s official portrait. Christine Spolar wrote, “This disrespectful of the White House itself. And the story.” Maggie Haberman called it an unreal lack of decorum by the guests.

Meanwhile, AG Jeff Sessions said judges shouldn't 'psychoanalyze' Trump to see if executive orders are lawful, according to CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski.

Bill O’Reilly finally out at Fox

We heard Wednesday that Bill O’Reilly Was Forced Out at Fox News but Muck Rack journalists are still sharing Emily Steel and Michael Schmidt’s story in the New York Times.

The sources told CNN’s Brian Stelter that Fox News’ payout to Bill O'Reilly will be tens of millions of dollars. Tom Kludt added it would be "a staggering amount."

Politico’s Joe Pompeo has Emails that show O'Reilly lawyers' last-ditch effort to save his job. Alex Weprin tweeted: “Bill O'Reilly emailed his lawyers on Tuesday: ‘You all should know that I will not put up with much more from FNC.’” Hadas Gold pointed out this golden nugget: “This is amazing. Oreilly lawyers accidentally sent @joepompeo internal emails.” Wow.

Then came news that Bill O’Reilly’s Payout Could Be as High as $25 Million. That from New York Times reporters Emily Steel and Michael Schmidt. Emily Steel wrote: Fox has paid out at least $85m for sexual harassment issues. Up to $65m of that is to the men who were ousted.” Hmm.

Remember Assange?

Sources tell CNN the US prepared charges against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange,

While the Washington Post reported the Justice Dept. was just debating charges against WikiLeaks members in revelations of diplomatic, CIA materials.

Other people’s jobs

Uber employees spray-painted a wall with the word ‘Undelete’, according to Nick Statt at The Verge. Ken Yeung pointed out it was “Spearheaded by 19 men and 1 woman.” Jessica Guynn just tweeted: “Um ok.”

There’s a whole thing going on with this expensive juicer that may or may not be useless. Continuing the narrative around it, Libby Watson at Gizmodo writes Juicero CEO Begs You: Do NOT Open Our Juice Bags. Jenna Wortham tweeted, “THE JUICE IS OUTTA THE BAG.” Matt Pearce liked this quote: "Long Live Juicero."

In fact, Juicero’s CEO wrote A Note on Medium and lots of people shared it. Catherine Thompson explained, “The $400 juicer exists because ‘frazzled dads’ need an extra hand and it all makes sense now.” Seth Fiegerman added, “Honestly HBO should just end Silicon Valley now. It will never top this.”

If you want to read about people whose jobs are going well, there’s TIME's newly released list of the world’s most influential people. Browse through it this weekend for inspiration. Sarah Wild tweeted, “Huzzah! @mrcza Glenda Gray makes Time100. She saved lives during Mbeki era, stood up for sci.”

And Utah Republican Getty Chaffetz says 'absolutely' no scandal is forcing him out, writes Jake Sherman at Politico. Josh Kraushaar tweeted, “Politics in the age of Trump: ‘I'd be thrilled to have a television relationship.’” Alex Weprin added, “Reading between the lines, it sounds like Rep. Jason Chaffetz is in talks for some sort of cable news role.” 

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: When he was Vice President, Richard Nixon once unknowingly “muled” three pounds of pot through United States Customs for what musician?

Answer: Apparently that was Louis Armstrong.

This time, congrats to Craig Pittman who was the first to tweet in correctly.

Your question of the day for today is…Prince Harry is dating an American actress known for which network TV series?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winners Monday!

Career Updates
A new host for 'Washington Week'

In a bit of job news today, Post reporter Robert Costa takes over helm of PBS’s ‘Washington Week.’ according to Ellen McCarthy at the Washington Post.

Costa himself tweeted: “It's an honor and humbling to be the new moderator of PBS's @WashingtonWeek. My goal is to follow Gwen's example.”

Philip Rucker called Costa a “superstar.”

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