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Lake Erie

Hey y’all,

Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week: 

  1. My family and I are spending the winter up on Lake Erie, so I’m reading Thoreau’s journal, and thinking about the seasons, and learning to love the winter like Thoreau did
  2. I’m also reading the wintry poems in Tomas Tranströmer’s The Deleted World. (I love this video of Tranströmer playing the piano.)
  3. A searchable database of over 200k Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints. (My pal Adam Norwood recommends a search for “ghost.”)
  4. The bad news: Alan Jacobs (author of some of my favorite booksThe Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction and How To Think) has left Twitter for good. The good news: he started a newsletter. (Actually, it’s all good news, since everyone should probably leave Twitter.)
  5. Remember how I wrote about my love for library tourism? Here’s a crowdsourced Lonely Planet for libraries.
  6. Artist John T. Unger (he’s quoted in both Show Your Work! AND Keep Going) is Kickstartering his wonderful anatomical mosaics — rewards include actual rubies (for only $25!) and life-size prints.
  7. I’ve been battling some nasty crud, so I need to make a few more gallons of Sonia Harris’s ginger, lemon and maple syrup tea. (You may remember her excellent NSFW Swearing Patterns from a previous newsletter. They would make delightful holiday gifts for the lover of profanity.) 
  8. Ear candy: The wind blowing on Mars. (I listened to it on the Sony noise-cancelling headphones recommended by The Wirecutter. My wife bought me a pair a few months ago they are probably my favorite headphones ever. [Protip: I saw them for $179 at Costco.] Added to The 2018 Kleon Holiday Gift Guide!)
  9. Eye candy: My friend Lance keeps recommending A Christmas Movie A Day.
  10. Being a parent is like being an artist
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