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You may recognize Lodu, above. He is an extraordinary leader of India's Dongria Kondh tribe. Lodu and his people fought against all odds to prevent their sacred mountain, Niyam Dongar, from being mined by British mining giant Vedanta Resources. 

The company planned to create an open-cast mine that would have violated Niyam Dongar, destroyed the environment, and spelled the end of the Dongria Kondh.

Survival worked in partnership with the Dongria, ensuring the international campaign for their rights was heard loud and clear. Our campaigners grabbed the headlines with demonstrations, infiltrated shareholder meetings, and lobbied hard from behind the scenes. Survival supporters wrote to the Indian government, donated to the campaign, and helped us spread the word far and wide. 

Finally, justice prevailed, and India's Supreme Court upheld the Dongria's right to reject the mine. The world had been captivated by their struggle – a real life Avatar story!

It's therefore with alarm that we announce state government is, once again, promoting the mining of bauxite on Dongria land. Lodu's people face resuming the fight to protect their beautiful mountain home from destruction.
In this video, the Dongria Kondh explain why they vehemently oppose mining on their sacred mountain. It was made during the height of the campaign against Vedanta.
The Dongria Kondh will not stand alone. If state government succeeds in bringing mining back to the table, Survival – and the many thousands of you who have joined the global movement for tribal peoples' rights – will do everything we can to ensure the Dongria's rights are respected. 
Our campaign to save the last of the Kawahiva is gathering pace as yet more of you take action against the invasion of this uncontacted tribe's forest. The Kawahiva are one of the most vulnerable peoples on the planet and we need your help to force Brazil to protect their area of the Amazon.
We gave a voice to Brazilian Indians, who were protesting at the first World Indigenous Games. Narube Werreria, a Karaja woman, said, “While we are here at the games... Congress [is] plotting to steal our lands. Soon, there will be no more indigenous peoples, no more forest, no more animals.”
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