In a release marking the centennial of the birth of Jazz alto saxophonist and bebop co-creator Charlie “Bird” Parker, this month cartoonist and Jazz trumpeter Dave Chisholm will publish the graphic biography Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker In California. more red_arrow.gif
A Virtual Reality Check for Publishing
The Virtual Reality gaming marketplace is projected to reach $45.2 billion by 2027. It’s a mighty optimistic forecast for the niche field, and game publishers have plenty of incentives to jump in, but many setbacks could be keeping them on the sidelines. more red_arrow.gif
Launching HarperAlley, a New Graphic Novel Imprint
Join our live virtual launch event on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. EDT. Hosted by The Fanatic in partnership with HarperCollins, it'll be an evening of original art raffles, giveaways, and interviews with HarperAlley creators led by PW's Calvin Reid. The first 200 registrants will receive a limited edition HarperAlley tote bag. (Sponsored) Register Here red_arrow.gif
Profile: PW Talks with Rebecca Roanhorse
PW talks with the acclaimed fantasy author about her new novel, which is based on indigenous cultures in the pre-Columbian Americas. Three unlikely companions—a female high priest facing opposition, a young boy on a mission of divine retribution, and a female sea captain with magical powers—are thrown together in a rousing tale of “politics, generational trauma, and the path to redemption.” more red_arrow.gif

Review: The Low Low Woods by Carmen Maria Machado with Dani
The acclaimed horror writer’s debut graphic novel is set in the unnervingly named mining town of Shudder-to-Think, where underground fires have burned for years, a town slowly dying, victimized by defunct industries, strange creatures in the woods, and an illness that destroys memory. Two young women leave a movie theater and realize they have forgotten the film they just watched, and set out to find answers. More red_arrow.gif
paywall-icon2-64x64.png Interview: Bone Harvest by James Brogden
PW talks with Brogden about his new novel, a dark and funny supernatural thriller about an odd British couple who worship an ancient and evil god who grants immortality. When the horrific god demands a human sacrifice, they set out to find one but meet their match in an unusual heroine: a disabled 65-year old woman with early onset dementia who discovers their machinations and seeks to save her town despite the tricks her mind plays on her. more red_arrow.gif
Review: The Sacrifice of Darkness by Roxane Gay with Tracy Lynne Oliver, and Rebecca Kirby
In this graphic adaptation of Gay’s fable-like Afrofuturist short story, Hiram Hightower, a miner in an alternate world, becomes deranged after working endlessly in the darkness of underground mines and flies an airship into the sun that destroys all sunlight for years, crippling society. His son Joshua, and the family are now shunned putting pressure on the romance between Joshua and a local girl, Mara, in this charming parable of love and hope in the face of darkness.

This Week on the More to Come Podcast
This week the More to Come crew—Calvin Reid, Heidi “The Beat” MacDonald and Kate Fitzsimons—recap DC FanDome, DC’s massive 24-hour online fan festival (especially the relaunch of Milestone Media), take note of Jim Lee and DC after the layoffs, report on Scott Snyder’s big bucks crowdfunder, Asia’s animation streaming wars, and, ask whether the classic French childrens' comics series Asterix is racist. More red_arrow.gif

In Blade Runner 2019: Off World Vol. 2, the graphic novel sequel to Ridley Scott’s acclaimed 1982 dystopian sci-fi film, Ash Ashina, a Blade Runner or bounty hunter charged with tracking down and destroying the biomachanical humanoids known as replicants, has separated from Cleo, daughter of business tycoon Alexander Selwyn, who she rescued and transported to the Off World colonies. In this 10-page excerpt, it’s seven years later and Ash has been tracked by Hythe, a new and typically ruthless Blade Runner, hired in the wake of a violent replicant uprising. She’s been hired to find Cleo and tracking down Ash is the first step. Blade Runner 2019: Off World Vol. 2 by Michael Green, and Mike Johnson with art by Andres Guinaldo will be published this month by Titan Comics. Click the image above to view the full excerpt.

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