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     The Psychic Connection is Made of Unconditional Love – Surprised?
September 22nd, 2011

Thoughts for your consideration and discernment...  

Whereas the ego focuses on content, the Spirit values context.

The ego values quantity, and in contrast, the spirit values quality.

The sense of reality moves from what is perceived to the condition or faculty by which it is experienced.

That's all a hugely, big diff as life goes!

Spiritual aspirants try to “see past the behaviors and Love the person’, which is sometimes ‘easier said than done’.  A spiritual-psychic postulant’s unconscious past experiences as well as karmic influences as well as social programming/beliefs that operate outside of awareness (unconscious) can create limitations to the capacity of unconditional Love for others. 

It's also true in reverse.  In the process of making the ‘psychic’ connection with another, the other’s karmic influences, unconscious programming/beliefs (and so forth) can limit the psychic’s ability to connect through that vibration of unconditional Love. 

Is it an impossible connection to make?  I would say no, but it can be a challenge if judgments in either party cannot be released in favor of an increased feeling of that which makes up the vibration of unconditional Love.  This type of Love does not seek gain or does not compensate for any type of lack—there is nothing missing and it is just a matter of being “with it”. 

The accompanying feeling of Love (note the capitalization because we’re not talking about ego-fulfillment) is one of safety and friendliness and availability which is concerned about the other’s happiness.  The energy field is accompanied by a radiant aura that has an effect on others who, as a result, become more benign, gentle, and kindly as do their perceptions.  This unconditional Love vibration is inwardly nurturing to both the spiritual psychic aspirant as well as the others that they interact with.

Actually, this mode of existence requires no others as objects of that Love (now I am comparing this to a relationship type of Love fulfillment) because that Love is self-fulfilling.  Love in this respect isn’t an emotion at all; instead it is an expression of essence.  So this is my aspiration, strong desire, aim and ambition for my life as a soul upon the earth first and then as a psychic in service to others.

Yet, here we are with all these “others” who are all at different levels of evolutionary development and we’re sort of thrown together with them simultaneously.  This can result in bit of social turbulence that must be overcome of we are to accomplish our spiritual career aspirations to be a psychic worker or energy worker or healer, etc., etc.

Yet, in divine order, this social turbulence does allow the greatest opportunity for growth and if you are of the mind that can understand it, also the opportunity to create good karma which releases the 'not-so-good' karma.  So there is maximum spiritual opportunity or spiritual growth potential and if one uses it wisely. 

The most important message for this week is that while we aspire to be the best that we can be, to see beyond the behaviors of others and Love the person, to see beyond our own behaviors and Love and accept ourselves unconditionally too, that we must cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves a break if, from time to time, our best intentions seem to be unfulfilled and the unconditional Love connections fall short either in our daily experiences or our work.

As the Buddha taught, “Rare is it to be born a human being, rarer still to have heard of Enlightenment, and even rarer still to pursue it.” 

In pursuit of it, the lower self (lower case s) becomes less dominant as it becomes eclipsed by the Self (capital S).  The switch or emergence from self to Self (progressively higher levels of consciousness) requires periods of adjustments.  At those times, we can feel somewhat like we do when we get a new pair of glasses that we’re getting used to—shifts in orientation.  In this reorientation, things occur or happen spontaneously (on their own) and one has the pronounced feeling of being the observer of one’s life.  What once was cause and effect seems now to be a field of energy of anonymous unfoldment that comes from a reality with a new paradigm/standard/pattern. 

Life, therefore, becomes a series of realizations rather than causations—life itself is one rather large realization.  And so one takes life’s events less personally and this enables the reinstatement of unconditional Love for life and all that unfolds no matter how it appears.  The ego or the (lower case s) self is less dominant and there is, therefore, less of a cause and effect mentality.
Yet, in this transition process the spiritual aspirant finds it necessary to release or surrender old belief systems and positions.  While doing so, the process may bring up uncertainties and doubts that have to be surrendered.  The personal self is being surrendered to Divinity—to the Greater Self—and just as a cat knows that it is a cat by virtue of “being” a cat and is not separated from its own reality, the human also merges the  lower self with the Higher Self as the same identity, becoming one and the same.

The surrendering of all limiting beliefs, doubts, positions, and attachments may take a second or it can involves lifetimes to achieve.  The transition is major and we can go back and forth getting there and then falling back again as we cling to doubt and while we “over-think” everything.  And periodically we will call in that special person who challenges us to see past their behaviors to penetrate the heart of Unconditional Love so that we can do our work here – no matter if we are a psychic or a waitress or a butcher, baker or candlestick maker.  Can we see beyond their humanness and our own so that we can make that psychic connection beyond ego mind and beyond reason to unconditional Love?   
Reason deals with particulars whereas Love deals with wholes.  This ability, often ascribed to intuition, is the capacity for instantaneous understanding without details… knowing.  This phenomenon is accompanied by a measurable release of endorphins in the brain.  Love with the capital L takes no position, has no judgments, rises above personality and separation and becomes ‘one with another’ and that is where there are no secrets or limitations to knowing. 

Love also dissolves negativity by re-contextualizing it rather than by attacking it.  And this is what one does while giving a spiritual psychic reading… or at least what one aspires to do.  And should it appear otherwise?  As stated earlier, one remains connected with the Higher Self, so one takes life’s events less personally and this enables the reinstatement of unconditional Love for life and all that unfolds no matter how it appears--which is always Divine.     



Speaking of unconditional Love, 

the 22nd is my little granddaughter's birthday!  

She's 8 on Thursday!  She had a little pre-party last weekend (photo).

Happy Birthday Ri!



May you enjoy a week of happiness that comes

from true liberation... 


With Love ♥ ♥ ♥

Joy Star 

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