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Make Sure to Turn on Pictures Hello everybody,

We have a brand, new design: The Oval Votive. It's the big brother to the Round Votive. Instead of holding one tea light candle, it holds three. They are perfect table centerpieces, but also work well on mantles.

The Oval Votives are just as easy to make as the Round Votives. The product consists of two molds. One mold casts the base. The other; forms the side panels. Since these votives are larger, the side panels afford a bigger "canvas" to embellish with cast elements, frit, stringers, noodles, cane, confetti, murrini or millefiori. However, if you need to knock-out a quick-and-easy votive for a gift or a craft show, you can produce wonderful results with a nice piece of collage, mardi gras, or art glass.

Curious about how these votives are made? Here is a video showing one of the votive designs "in action". And, like always, we have a project sheet that tells you exactly how to create your own custom votives using this new design.

All our best,
Larry Jacobsen

PS Whose studio doesn't have small pieces of glass just too beautiful to throw away? The Round and Oval Votives designs are perfect for showcasing these orphan pieces.
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