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Problems with hard water?
We have the best and most economical solution in the market
Newsletter - July 2017

Bio pH Control – a unique product

Bio pH Control lowers, like many other products, effective pH, but it differs significantly from competing products, by the additives we have added. The added additives ensure a very fast uptake and transport in the plant, an almost extreme effect of the pesticides, whether it is Betanal, glyphosate or others.

Bio pH Control is extremely economical in use. With an indicative dose of 1-2 l / 1000 l of water, it only costs about 2.5 euros. (2 L / 1000 L) to superoptimize the pesticides.
Bio pH Control is therefore a perfect substitute for ammonium sulphate solutions. It is easier to use, no need to move large quantities, and it is significantly more efficient

One of our major customers – a Danish driven farm of 16,000 ha. in Ukraine – has used the product with great success in several combinations. The images are sent from Ukraine

The images show the difference between glyphosate treated weeds in a potato field. Sprayed simultaneously with and without addition of Bio pH Control. If Bio pH Control is used in combination with glyphosate, there is a very fast visual effect. Which is due to a very fast absorption and transport in the plant.

The images with the dead plants are with Bio pH Control and the images with the green plants are without Bio pH Control.

We conclude the introduction with the true, but perhaps a bit banal sentence:
"It's not a matter of how much pesticide you put on the plant, but how much is absorbed by the plants.”

Quality does not cost – it pays!

Hard water – a problem that can be solved!


Get optimal absorption and yield of your pesticides and micronutrients with Bio pH Control and experience the unique effect on your plants.

Bio pH Control qualities:
  • Decreases the surface tension of the plant
  • Allows faster penetration
  • Provides a much better effect of pesticides and micronutrients.
  • Very economic in use
Bio pH Control is now available at special summerprices
Bio pH Control
1000 l Container: 2.50 euro/L
10 l Cans: 2.70 euro/L. (Minimum order is 88 cans = 1 pallet)

Delivery in the Baltic countries is included in the price.

A good offer with great effect

Order now by:
Lars Olsen
Key Account Manager
Mobil: +45 28809086



We constantly work with optimizing our products both in terms of content and application, to ensure unique products with great effect.
This year we have made some extremely interesting discoveries in connection with a well-documented experiment in winter wheat.

The experiment is currently taking place, but we can promise, that we will return with exciting news about our mix product's amazing effect on winter wheat – up to 50% longer and 3-4 mm. broader flag leaves. We have never seen, read or heard about such extreme effects.

Have a nice summer.

With best regards
Ove Andersen

Counseling and sale

Key Account Manager
Lars Olsen

Mobile: +45 2880 9086

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