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Ontario faculty concerned by Conservative flyers on campus

Help Western University librarians and archivists avoid a strike

Ontario faculty concerned by Conservative flyers on campus

OCUFA is concerned that the Conservative Party and Andrew Scheer are trying to score cheap political points by taking a page from Doug Ford's playbook and attempting to manufacture a campus free speech crisis. The Conservative Party's materials, distributed on a number of campuses over the past week, misrepresent the nature of speech at Canadian universities and insult the work of faculty.

The pursuit of knowledge is at the core of the university mission. It requires celebrating diversity on campus, including protecting the right of all community members to speak their minds and respectfully challenge each other intellectually.

Faculty are professionals with diverse political views who strongly support a culture of free, vibrant, and diverse speech on campus. University campuses are home to a range of perspectives drawn from across the political spectrum, and it is by blending these views that we foster the vibrant fabric of campus life. Ironically, it is Andrew Scheer and Doug Ford through his Student Choice Initiative who are trying to politicize university campuses and stifle dissenting voices.

Instead of trying to score cheap political points, party leaders, including Mr. Scheer and Premier Ford, should address the most pressing challenges to postsecondary education in Ontario. These include a worrisome erosion of public funding, alarming increase in precarious academic work, the need for increased faculty renewal, and making postsecondary education more accessible for students.

Help Western University librarians and archivists avoid a strike

Western’s librarians and archivists have been working hard to negotiate a fair deal with the university administration, and they need your support.

Years of budget cuts and attrition have stripped Western’s library programs to the bone, leaving the staff over-worked and under-supported.

Send a letter to the Western University administration today, and urge them to support their librarians and archivists.

UWOFA’s requests are simple:

  • Fair Workload so our librarians and archivists can maintain high quality service to the university community.
  • Professional autonomy and collegial governance so that our librarians and archivists can have a meaningful voice in how the Western libraries system is run.
  • Fair compensation and benefits in line with those negotiated with other employee groups on campus.

Click here to send an email to Western University President Alan Shepard, Provost Andy Hrymak, and Chair of the Board of Governors Paul Jenkins, urging them to support Western’s librarians and archivists and negotiate a fair deal!

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