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What is a Alternative Health Care Doctor ?

To answer the question,  "what is it that You Do as an Alternative Doctor"?,  

I initially explained that I am chiropractor. but I realized that this was a much too limited description to be effective.   I have many patients who have Chiropractors and I needed to differentiate what I did that was different.

Here is a newsletter I wrote to explain this further.

Then my next attempt was,  I am a  natural doctor.  This response invoked a funny response and looks that "said", OH he is one of those! 

Recently,  I tell people I am a doctor that helps people heal without drugs or surgery.  This seems to work as "everybody" wants to  be healthy without drugs and surgery.  So at least at this point we have something to agree upon.

After this statement comes an explanation.  I started off my career as a Chiropractor but within 9 years I realized that this was not enough for me nor for you quite frankly.   And then through my own experience to regain my health I started to utilize nutrition into my practice.  This became a quite promising endeavor as the lives of many were greatly benefited. 

BUT with this decision came many questions.
  • What nutrition should I utilize ?
  • What techniques were necessary to determine what nutrition was necessary?
  • Where am I going to learn these techniques ?
  • Am I going to utilize blood work ?
  • Saliva tests?
  • Homeopathy?
  • Allergies Techniques?
  • Detoxification Techniques ?
  • Energy Medicine Devises ?
  • Acupuncture ?

After 25 years of this intensive questioning I realized that nutrition was not enough as well.  There was the subject of allerry, toxicity and detoxification.  I am  presently assembling a booklet about this topic and will present it to you shortly.

You see,  alternative health care is an evolutionary health care system.  I can foresee alternative hospitals globally to fill this need.   There used to be one hospital in Denver.   I would like to see alternative health care offered as a post graduate degree in chiropractic schools.

It is a viable alternative.  I appreciate you being involved in this endeavor and I will continue to refine this subject for both of our benefit.

More people need to know about how they can be healthy naturally. 
To facilitate this endeavor we would like you to share the,

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Healthy is far more than just being pain free.  It is a state which you would love to be in as much as you can.
We can help you achieve this goal.

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Your life and health can benefit greatly.  Think about it

OFFICE HOURS:   We are attending a seminar this weekend:  Quantum Neurology.  It is quite an extensive endeavor but quite valuable.   It is an advanced method of helping the nervous system function.

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