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Footprints Newsletter
June 2018

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message

Pamela J. LailAs we end this incredible 2017-2018 year with NCHIMA, I would like to thank the members of the Governance team and our Executive board for their outstanding work, giving spirits, focus on excellence, and producing amazing education and services for our members. Thank you to the membership for putting your faith in my leadership and supporting me along this journey. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you and talking to you over the past year! It has been hectic managing it all while being a wife, mother, employee, sister, daughter, friend, confidante, colleague, volunteer and mentor but I have a marvelous support system at home and at work that helped me give as much as possible. My husband and son loved me through it all and without their love, acceptance, and humor to guide me through…I would have been lost. They took my crazy in stride as I walked around my house muttering to myself while comparing shades of blue to find the “right” NCHIMA blue. My leadership at work has been understanding, supportive, and has cheered me on all of the way and I couldn’t be prouder to work for such a remarkable organization. Our Executive Director, Ralph Morrison, has been such an incredible help to me in keeping us on track, ensuring that we question everything, and being a sounding board when trying to work out a particularly sticky issue. He is the 8th Wonder of the World because he not only does this for NCHIMA but also serves the HIM associations for the great states of South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana.


We have worked hard to address the strategic initiatives put forth by AHIMA. The NCHIMA strategic plan for 2017-2018 included:
  • Leading in Informatics and Analytics
    • CHDA and CPHI credential prep classes so that more professionals can earn these valuable credentials.Initial interest was low but we will keep checking back. AHIMA was very supportive to provide speakers and content at no cost if we had at least ten participants. Unfortunately, we did not meet the minimum attendance, but we will explore options with a central location for neighboring states and see if we reach this goal soon. Another option is to not offer with the annual meeting to keep expenses much lower for all and keep registration rates low.
    • Provide basic technical education to set the stage for greater understanding of informatics, analytics, information governance, and business intelligence.We provided an abbreviated model of this at the 2016 NCHIMA Mid-Year Meeting and will continue to build our efforts in this area.
    • Epic User Group meetings have been happening at the 2017 and 2018 annual meetings to discuss ways to best optimize use of that system. This is one means of meeting requested member needs and continuing to conduct environmental scanning.
  • Increase Adoption of Information Governance Model Endorsed by AHIMA
    • NCHIMA is partnering with ECU to make this a student development project.This will be an immersive learning experience using real-world conditions.As Joey, on the long-running Friends TV show said, this helps our members “get in the map” and experience these decisions first hand instead of as a casual observer.
  • Transition HIM professionals to roles of the future by advancing education, competency and/or skills
    • NCHIMA is partnering with ECU based on the information from the AHIMA Workforce Study to provide comparable information in NC so that they understand and know what the developing fields are and how their skills can apply in those fields.
  • Increase participation and influence in decision making throughout healthcare
    • The NCHIMA Leadership Series provided training on the emerging skills needed to help HIM professionals succeed.NCHIMA was praised by AHIMA for our training in this area.
  • Increase number of HIM professionals at the executive level
    • NCHIMA presented a leadership model to the AHIMA HOD where the role of Chief Information Officer changes to Chief Technology Officer to make room for HIM professionals in the executive hierarchy for roles such as Chief Data Officer or Chief Health Information Officer.We have seen hierarchy changes at some of the major health systems to change role names for the CIO.This is to more clearly delineate who is responsible for the patient information and/or data from those responsible for the hardware, software, and IT network infrastructure.
  • Increase membership diversity
    • NCHIMA presented information to various veterans programs, job placement services, and HOSA groups to present our field and what we do.We do plan to speak with region leaders to branch out to urban leagues and other organizations that might be interested in learning more about HIM.
    • Part 5 of the NCHIMA Leadership Series is specific to basic Diversity and Inclusion education.
    • We had a session at the 2018 annual meeting to address sexual harassment in the workplace and to open discussion to other topics of concern along with a specific session addressing LGBT needs in healthcare and discussing efforts at the federal level with Congressman Price during his keynote to address workforce and education needs for future professionals in healthcare
  • Educate consumers and ensure they understand their rights relative to accessing health information
    • NCHIMA is coordinating with AHIMA to provide this presentation to smaller hospitals/health systems to enable them to host town hall meetings so that they may inform their communities about basic rights to their health information, how to generally use portals, and options to protect their identity.
  • Build trust with consumers
    • NCHIMA to help build a foundation of trust in our local communities to show our patient populations that we care and we are there to help serve them in our respective job roles.We partnered with ACDIS during the NCHIMA Winter Workshop to collect donations of food to help local banks deal with food insecurity in North Carolina.
From July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 we have already approved and/or offered 197.5 continuing education hours for NCHIMA members.
  • External Factors = 15.5 Hours
  • Management Development = 34 Hours
  • Privacy and Security = 11.5 Hours
  • ICD-10 = 3.5 Hours
  • 122 hours from region meetings
  • 75.5 hours from NCHIMA educational events
  • The board changes for the 2017-2018 year included:
    • Changing the Vice President to an appointed role as the Program Committee Chair.This was necessary because it was difficult to find a volunteer to fill the role for election and literally the only thing this person worked on was the annual meeting.Having specific roles in the organization is part of how you register the organization for insurance, bank accounts, and taxes with the state so technically our President-Elect is the Vice President of the association but when you looked at the board page on our website this caused massive confusion because we had a different person listed with that express role. The Governance Team agreed due to the importance of our largest expenditure for the year, the annual meeting, should be vested in an appointed position vetted by the President and Governance Team and not from an elected position.
    • Removing the Bylaws Delegate role as the Director, President, President-Elect, and Executive Director were responsible for updating and maintaining the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures to accurately reflect the current processes of the organization.
    • The Strategic Planning Delegate was moved to the Industry Team to improve communication between the actions we are taking on for advocacy and the regions.The incoming President sets the strategic plan for the year and works closely with the President-Elect to accomplish goals through the Member Services Team.We needed connection with the Industry Team as well to ensure a complete loop with communication.
    • The Public Relations Chair was moved to the Member Services Team as it was important for the actions of the person holding this role to coordinate with our education, coding roundtable, and media groups to ensure items were being sold at meetings and updated on the website as there has been a disconnect here in the past.
    • Added the Treasurer as an AHIMA delegate (to fill space from Bylaws Delegate) to address the financial management and planning focus in the AHIMA leadership meetings.We needed to have a financial representative at the Leadership Symposium and HOD meeting to talk about improvement strategies for financial management that could provide input and relate to what NCHIMA was doing in this area.This is an elected position replacing an elected position and the term for both was two years so nothing changed in that regard. Also, AHIMA changed focus with communicating more clearly to CSAs with expectations to send president, president-elect and treasurer positions to leadership in July and not to require all delegates.
  • The Quad State meeting is something we have been talking about for months now in FootPrints, the Member Update, through our direct (board members going to regions), and indirect (passing the information to region coordinators to disseminate) among their members.This has been widely communicated and was communicated again through the annual meeting.This meeting will take place May 5 – 9, 2019 at the Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC.
    • A little history on this move to an out of state venue follows. NCHIMA attempts to select and sign contracts three years out for our annual meeting as many venues are booked this far out for large events like ours. We planned to visit eastern NC in 2019 and looked at Wilmington, New Bern and a few other coastal areas. We were informed by a past president New Bern was too small and Wilmington was not only expensive but had very limited space for meeting and exhibit space. Therefore, we shifted back to the western side of the state. Asheville provided a few good proposals but once we arrived at the final option to sign a contract we found exhibit setups to be very expensive and again meeting space was very tight.
    • After our E.D. toured with SCHIMA during that time he brought back pricing and meeting space information from SC and noted many of our sister associations combine meetings in Myrtle Beach with good attendance. After deliberations with all potential states and a clear shared agreement on expenses and income the Governance Team agreed upon Myrtle Beach with SC, GA and AL and there is potential for VA to join.
    • We also queried members, especially state employees at the 2018 meeting and many stated they intend to join in 2019 and we are keeping pricing the same and offering at least 23 CEUs.
    • HIM professionals are often expected to do more with less, cannot truly unplug from work, report being overburdened and burnt out, and through the MANY conversations we have had with members it sounds like many of them have not had a decent vacation in YEARS.We wanted to provide a way for members to have a vacation with their families and also participate in the annual meeting to get CE hours.The hotel room rates are 60% less than they would be during a normal time for the weekend (before and after) the conference so this means that members can get a room much cheaper than usual so that they can stay a few days before and/or after the meeting to enjoy some much needed relaxation at the beach.
    • We have heard overwhelmingly positive comments about the trip from vendors, members, potential speakers, and AHIMA staff who are excited about the opportunity.
    • This meeting provides a demonstrable value-add for members in the opportunity to network with an increased pool of members, to get some work/life balance in a beautiful location, to pull in more vendors for the opportunity to access an entirely new group of business opportunities, and to open us up to nationally acclaimed speakers that we can gain through collaboration.
    • This allows us to bargain with vendors, the location, speakers, and other services from a greater place of strength because we are representing a larger group of people so we can utilize economies of scale to get better prices and better value for what we invest.
    • This is not an unheard of practice, the states in the Northeast have been doing combined meetings for years now.I was told in 2004 at the AHIMA annual meeting in Washington, DC that several NE states (5 at the time) combine their annual meetings to increase participation and reach and we have heard combined meetings this year in the Midwest experienced increased attendance
We have had a lot of successes for the year!
  • The 2017 AHIMA Roundtable Achievement in Coding Excellence (RACE) Awards, honoring excellent coding roundtable coordinators, coding roundtable teams, and component state association supporters demonstrated the excellence in NCHIMA coding education.
    • AHIMA CSA Recognition for Coding Leadership / First place: Oklahoma Health Information Management Association / Second place: North Carolina Health Information Management Association 
    • AHIMA CSA Team Recognition for Coding Roundtable Activities / First place: North Carolina Health Information Management Association Second place: Oklahoma Health Information Management Association 
    • AHIMA CSA Recognition for Advancing Coding Knowledge through CodeWrite First place: Sharon Easterling, MHA, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CPHM – North Carolina Second place: Suzanne Drake, RHIT, CCS – Virginia
  • Sarah Shaver Laird, RHIA, CCS was a recipient of the 2017 AHIMA Triumph Award for Innovation.
  • NCHIMA was recognized as innovators with leadership education in the AHIMA Annual Meeting publication at the AHIMA Annual House of Delegates meeting with our work through the NCHIMA Leadership Series webinars and education provided through a SBAR written and presented by Pamela J. Lail, MHA, RHIA, CHDA, CPHI, PMP, FAHIMA (NCHIMA President 2017-2018) to leaders all across the country.
NCHIMA 2018 Annual Meeting Awards Banquet Winners:
  • Marybeth Hurst Award
    Debra Bowders, RHIT
  • PRISM Award
  • Distinguished Member Award
    Sarah Shaver Laird, RHIA, CCS
  • Foster Award
    Cathy Clawson, MHIIM, RHIA, CCS
  • Honorary Member Award
    Susan Carey, MHI, RHIT, PMP, FAHIMA
  • Special Regional Member Recognition Award
    John Nettleton, MS, RHIA, CCS
  • Spotlight Award
    Elizabeth Martin, RHIT, CPC, CPC-I, CRC
    Mary Gregory, RHIT, CCS, CDIP, CPC, CCS-P, CPC-I
    Sharon Easterling, MHA, RHIA, CCS, CDIP, CPHM
    Mildred Norris, EdD, RHIT, CCS
    Lisa Daughtry, BA, RHIT, CDIP, CCS
2018 Champion Awards (Region and Section Coordinators)
Charlotte Region Coordinator
John Nettleton, MS, RHIA, CCS
Coastal Carolina Region Coordinator
Amber Johnson, RHIA, CCS-P
Southeastern Region Coordinator
Yvette Sanders, MSW, RHIA, CIPPG
Triangle Region Coordinator
Sallie Bissette, MHA, MBA, RHIA
Western Foothills Region Coordinator
Juanita Roland, RHIT
Western Mountain Region Coordinator
Natalie Moore, MHS
Behavioral Health Section Coordinator
Cynthia Allen Coe, RHIA
Long-Term (Home Health) Co- Coordinators
Shan Miller, RHIA and Tracy Beach, RHIA
These awards and accolades are just additional confirmation that our members are the BEST!  We are so proud of each and every one of you for the fantastic vision and talent that you bring to NCHIMA and the HIM industry!
The future is bright for HIM professionals!  The focus in the next year and beyond will be ensuring that we are offering education and services that our members want and need to help them in their careers and spur them on to even higher levels of success.  We are a CSA of distinction because of all of you and the fantastic work that you do each day in your jobs, your volunteer efforts and through your work in our communities. We want to hear from you concerning the issues/topics that you want to learn more about, the things that keep you up at night because we are here to help, and what we can do to make this association work for you. 
We share membership in a community of remarkable resilience, drive, and energy. It’s a community with an uncommon capacity to conquer challenges, to learn from them, to adapt and be successful moving forward. That we do so, individually and together, matters a great deal — not just to what happens from day to day, not just to the realm of developing ideas, but to the prospects for progress and enlightened action in a complex and sometimes confounding industry. Looking at the tapestry of talent our members and volunteers embody, I couldn’t help but think what a privilege it is for me to have been part of NCHIMA for the past year. As we finish another year and look ahead to the next, I’m grateful to all of you who together make our industry so promising for the future.
Thank You,
NCHIMA President 2017-2018
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John Maxwell - Be a leader, step up and be heard in your organization! If you know the way then others will follow.

AHIMA Elections

The AHIMA Membership and Business Engage Community is your opportunity to see where candidates stand on various issues. Beginning Monday, June 18, 2018 – 8:00 a.m. CT through Friday, July 6, 2018 – 5:00 p.m. CT, members will be able to interact with the 2018 AHIMA Ballot Candidates.

Members of the 2018 AHIMA Nominating Committee will be the facilitators for this Community. Community discussions will be created for each position on the ballot. Be sure to select the community discussion forum, i.e., “President/Chair-elect, Director, CCHIIM Commissioners, CEE Members or and All Candidates.” After you have selected the forum, click on the title to be placed in the discussion area. Please encourage your members to join the AHIMA Membership and Business Community in order to participate in the discussions. Ballot Candidates are encouraged to focus on their knowledge, experience and opinion on these discussions. Any member or candidate may initiate discussion in the established threads. The AHIMA Membership and Business Engage Community threads will be open until Friday, July 6, 2018 – 5:00 p.m. CT. After the discussions end, the topics will be closed to future postings. As a reminder, the polls will open on Monday, July 9, 2018 - 8:00 a.m. CT thru Monday, July 23, 2018 – 5:00 p.m. CT. 

State Leaders and House of Delegates Engage

Candidates running for Speaker-elect of the House have a discussion forum housed on the State Leaders and House of Delegates Community. The forum is available June 18 through July 23rd.  Voting will take place by the 2018-19 House of Delegates beginning August 6, 2018 (8:00 a.m. CT) through August 17, 2018 (5:00 p.m. CT).

NC HIE and NC State Law Mandates

Submitted By: Angel Moore, MAEd, RHIA, PCMH-CCE

One of the goals of a transformed health care system is for nearly real-time clinical and demographic data to be made available to all health care providers involved in a patient’s care so that they can securely share health information concerning that patient with each other.


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