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August 2017

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President’s Message

Pamela J. LailHello NCHIMA Members!

I am excited to get the 2017-2018 year rolling! The term for the new board began on July 1st and we hit the ground running. We have our strategic planning finished for the year which you will hear more about from the NCHIMA Delegate Updates that will be going to each region. You can also read more about the NCHIMA strategic plan for 2017-2018 here.
We have been providing training to all of our new board members and making sure that we have everything in place to have a fantastic year! We just returned from the AHIMA Leadership Symposium in Chicago, IL with information we can use to help our members. Mary Gregory, NCHIMA President-Elect and Joe Naretto, NCHIMA Treasurer accompanied me on the trip to learn best practices from the other 49 states (and Puerto Rico). They will provide more detail on that trip in their updates.
Let me introduce the group of volunteers working to serve you this year:
NCHIMA Governance Team for 2017-2018 > Serves at a state level
  • President - Pamela Lail
  • President-Elect - Mary Gregory
  • Treasurer - Joe Naretto
  • Secretary - Esta Lynn Farmer
  • Director - Sharon Easterling
  • Delegate Legal/Affairs - Tammy Downum
  • Delegate Strategic Planning - Kris McCall
  • Region/Section Liaison - Crystal Gooding
The NCHIMA Executive Board consists of the Governance Team, Appointed Positions (Education
Chair, etc.), and Region Coordinators.
NCHIMA Executive Board Appointed Positions 2017-2018 > Serves at a state level - position appointed
by the incoming President
  • Education Committee Chair – Sherry King 
  • Coding Roundtable Chair – Shameka Hooks 
  • Publication Committee Chair - Rolliene Mallari 
  • Membership Committee Chair – Rosanna Hanson 
  • Mentorship Program Coordinator – Jennifer Holland 
  • Media Chair – Bobbie Murphy 
  • Public Relations Chair – Shannon Bromstrup 
  • Program Committee Chair – Matt Morris 
  • Special Projects Coordinator – Lee Ford 
NCHIMA Region/Section Coordinators for 2017-2018 > Serves at a region level - appointed by the outgoing coordinator
  • Behavioral Health Section - Cynthia Allen Coe 
  • Charlotte Region - John Nettleton
  • Coastal Carolina Region - Amber Johnson
  • Long-Term (Home Health) Co-Coordinator - Shan Miller
  • Long-Term (Home Health) Co-Coordinator - Tracy Beach
  • Piedmont Region - Geoffrey Gower
  • Southeastern Region - Yvette Sanders 
  • Triangle Region - Sallie Bissette 
  • Western Foothills Region - Juanita Roland
  • Western Mountain Region - Natalie Moore  
In talking with other component state associations at the AHIMA Leadership Symposium, it quickly became very clear that we are a fortunate CSA (Component State Association of AHIMA) to have so many impressive and dedicated volunteers willing to help NCHIMA thrive this year. There are CSA’s much larger than ours with positions (in the double digits!) open because they are not able to find willing volunteers to fill the roles. I never take for granted that we have people who are dedicating their time, effort, and expertise to make NCHIMA run smoothly. I know there are times that they miss family time, fun things to do, hanging out with friends, hugs/cuddles from the little ones, and time to themselves to help NCHIMA reach its goals. Please take the time to thank the NCHIMA volunteers around you because they are the muscles that keep this body moving while our membership is our heartbeat and the reason that we keep going. NCHIMA thanks our members and volunteers for supporting our association!
Thank You,
NCHIMA President 2017-2018
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”—John Maxwell
Be a leader,step up and be heard in your organization! If you know the way then others will follow.

AHIMA CSA Leadership Symposium

I had the honor of representing NCHIMA at AHIMA 2017 CSA Symposium as President-Elect for this year and I must say it was an eye opening experience. I met many great HIM Professionals that believe in this profession and want to see it move forward. One of the main focuses of the General Session was the future of AHIMA or the future of our credentials. This discussion included what our credentials represent and what is ahead for us as HIM professionals. Some of the other general session highlights included how we can shape the future of HIM. The speaker Mr. David Muntz discuss how business trends could impact healthcare and as the leader in health information we can be part of the problem or we can be part of the solution the role we play will be up to us. We had a general session on AHIMA and the CSAs and legal relationship between AHIMA and the CSAs. This session was an eye opener for me. I now realize why it is so important for us to make sure that we are doing things legally and ethically. This session also laid out very clearly the relationship between AHIMA and the associated CSAs.

I also had the opportunity to attend three breakout sessions. These sessions pertained to how to plan a great annual meeting, membership and student engagement and using our CSA to increase HIM awareness. My favorite session was on increasing the membership and student membership engagement. There were so many good ideas. It was awesome the way we all connected and shared ideas on how to increase our membership engagement. I am looking forward to implementing some of the ideas that I was able to bring back.

HIM Reimagined was discussed quite extensively in the General Session. I am encouraging all of you to read and study that document and begin to think where you want to be two years, five years etc. Take a close look and determine if your role will be the same as it is now or if it will be revised or completely gone.  Today is the day of your future. Let us be prepared for the change that is coming. The question is not if it will happen the question is when it will happen and will you be prepared?

Thank you all for the trust that you have placed in me as your President-Elect and I look forward to serving you.
Mary D. Gregory, RHIT, CCS, CDIP, CRC, CPC, CPC-I, CCS-P

New Member Credentials July 2017

  • Dawn Bates, Healthcare Administration, Business Management, CCS-P
  • Krystal Brinkley, RHIT
  • NaQuandra Brown, Health Information Technology, Public Health, RHIT
  • Genet Burks, RHIT
  • Melissa Church, CCA
  • Candice Davis, RHIT
  • Jason Duffy, RHIT
  • Stephanie Fitzwater, AAS, CCS
  • Bryan Fournier, Health Information Technology, RHIT
  • Beata Hamby, CCA, AAS, CHAA
  • Haley Harrison Reason, HIT, RHIT
  • Hilary Helmer, RHIT
  • Kelsey Hill, Health Information Technology, RHIT, CCS
  • Amber Hollifield, RHIT, CDIP, CCS
  • Kacie Hunt, RHIT, CCS
  • Roland Ngum, MD, CCS, ECFMG Certification
  • William Owen, CCA
  • Kira Potoski, RHIT
  • Kathlyn Sain, RHIA, CDIP, CCS, CCS-P
  • Tiffani Smith, CCS
  • Elisa Sninchak, BSN, BSN, CDIP
  • Joni Wright, Health Information Technology, Medical Office Administration, RHIT

2017 HIT Scholarship Award Winner

Hilary HelmerThe NCHIMA Board and Scholarship Committee wish to congratulate Hilary Helmer, student of Southwestern Community College, for winning our 2017 HIT Scholarship Award. We were impressed with your qualifications and are pleased to award you with a $500.00 scholarship award.
The NCHIMA Board and Scholarship Committee wish to thank everyone for applying for our 2017 HIT academic scholarship. Be on the lookout for more news regarding scholarships throughout the year.

Financial Management and Fiduciary Responsibilities of NCHIMA Board Members

Joe Naretto, MHA, RHIA – NCHIMA Treasurer
Greetings! I wanted to start by thanking our state membership for voting me into office as NCHIMA’s Treasurer. It is an honor and privilege to be elected by my peers – I will work to serve our membership to the best of my abilities! Thank you!

This past July, I had the privilege of traveling to the AHIMA Leadership Symposium in Chicago. During this two day event, we participated in many seminars and breakout sessions. It was also a great networking opportunity to meet and get to know other delegates from across the country. 

I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly summarize some of the breakout sessions and seminars that I personally attended.  Being our newly elected Treasurer, I focused on sessions that dealt with financial and fiduciary matters.

Financial Planning

This session was geared toward Treasurers and Officers that manage a state association’s finances. They provided helpful tips on how to review financial statements, as well as some best practices in how state associations should implement standards and monitor oversight for those managing finances. I can tell you that NCHIMA is positioned well in this area, compared to other state organizations. We are one of the more robust and developed organizations when it comes to the management, oversight, and standardization regarding our finances. Below you will see some of the recommended Best Practices that this session covered – items that NCHIMA already has in place:
  • Financial Management Board Best Practices
    • Annual audits/reviews
    • Internal controls in place and documented
    • Financial policies and procedures
    • Board members understand fiduciary responsibility and essential governance documentation
    • Annual budget prepared, adopted and integrated with financial reporting
    • Periodic financial statements timely prepared and presented to the board quarterly.
Conflict of Interest and Fiduciary Responsibilities

Similar to the previous session, this session dove into a more robust discussion on understanding conflicts of interest and the overall fiduciary responsibilities of Boards.
  • Fiduciary Obligations of Directors
    • Duties of care, loyalty, obedience, and reasonable supervision – as members of the NCHIMA board, we must – and have the legal duty – to act solely in the interests of the association.
    • Maintain confidentiality – as members of the NCHIMA Board, we must not use confidential information for any purpose whatsoever except to act only in the best interests of the association.
    • Avoid conflicts of interest – Board members must avoid even the appearance of any conflicts of interest.We must disclose any potential conflict when the matter is raised in any meeting or forum; one may need to recuse himself or herself from the discussion or decision; and one may be asked to recuse himself or herself by the group or chair.
Overall, it was a great two days –I enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with fellow delegates, as well as learn about some of the financial and fiduciary best practices and apply them to my duties as NCHIMA Treasurer.

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August 24, 2017
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Long Term Care
September 8, 2017
Beginning ICD-10-CM Coding in the LTC Setting
Davidson County Community College,
Lexington, NC
September 15, 2017
Advanced ICD-10-CM Coding in the LTC Setting
Davidson County Community College
Lexington, NC
Western Foothills
September 22, 2017

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