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2018 AHIMA House of Delegates Report

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, the 72nd AHIMA House of Delegates met in Miami, FL as part of the AHIMA 2018 Convention & Exhibit. Over 200 delegates attended, representing AHIMA’s Component State Associations. The Delegates representing PHIMA were:
  • Margie Stackhouse, PHIMA President
  • Tabitha McDaniel, PHIMA President-Elect
  • Chris Parfit, PHIMA Past-President
  • Marie Gardenier, 2nd Year Delegate
  • Maggie Foley, 1st Year Delegate
AHIMA Strategy Reset

The meeting opened with a leadership update from Diann H. Smith, MS, RHIA, CHP, FAHIMA the AHIMA President and Wylecia Wiggs Harris, Ph.D., CAE the AHIMA Chief Executive Officer. Diann and Wylecia discussed the need for an AHIMA Strategy reset and the importance of recognizing that AHIMA “cannot be everything to everybody”. Specifically, the strategic reset is needed to address:
  • The rapidly changing healthcare environment
  • Lack of clarify around existing strategies
  • Lack of alignment between strategies and AHIMA budget/staff allocation
The Board has been gathering data on healthcare industry trends and obtaining input from AHIMA leaders and member focus groups to inform the process. A finalized 2019 strategic plan is expected in the 4th quarter of this year.    

Delegate Breakout Sessions

Delegates participated in breakout sessions on the following topics of interest to the profession:
  • Envisioning Collaborative/Environmental Scanning
  • HIM Reimagined (HIM-R)
  • Future of the AHIMA House of Delegates:Relevancy
  • Future of the AHIMA House of Delegates:Apportionment
Below is a status for each of these topics as of the House of Delegates meeting on September 23rd.

Envisioning Collaborative/Environmental Scanning

The Envisioning Collaborative is comprised of a group of delegates who serve as a ‘think tank’ for areas of interest to the HIM profession that may inform development of a strategic plan. This collaborative is responsible for the annual AHIMA Environmental Scan Report which provides information on:
  • Business and Economic factors
  • Demographic and Workforce status
  • Legislative and Regulatory issues
  • Technological innovations impacting the healthcare industry
Health Information Management Reimagined (HIM-R)

HIM Reimagined (HIM-R) is a framework to transform health information management (HIM) and position professionals for the future. The intent is to build upon the current skills and knowledge of HIM professionals and to identify future roles that will ensure the continued relevance of the HIM profession and HIM professionals. The final HIM-R framework will impact AHIMA educational offerings for current HIM professionals, research initiatives, academic program curriculum revisions and possible specialization and related HIM professional credentialing. The delegates had an impassioned discussion around HIM-R. Many views were shared about the educational needs for future HIM professionals and the value and relevancy of the many HIM credentials. 

Future of the AHIMA House of Delegates: Relevancy

The AHIMA Board of Directors is responsible for governing the Association (AHIMA). Whereas, the House of Delegates exists to govern the HIM profession by providing a forum to discuss professional issues and membership concerns and to establish and to maintain professional standards (e.g., code of ethics) of the membership. The House advises the Board on matters of importance to the membership and the health information management community at large. 

There is a concern that the AHIMA House of Delegates continue to demonstrate its value to the Association (AHIMA) and the HIM profession. Discussions were held about what revisions could enhance the relevancy of the House to the profession and to inform AHIMA’s strategic direction.  

Future of the AHIMA House of Delegates: Apportionment

Over the past decade, AHIMA’s membership growth has had a direct impact on the size of the House of Delegates. Currently there are 239 members of the House of Delegates. Consideration will be given to the most effective model for the House to conduct business after the final strategic direction is provided and subsequent decisions are made around the Relevancy of the House of Delegates. Potential issues to be considered include how the number of delegates for each Component State Association is determined, and in-person vs. virtual House of Delegate participation.

The final 2019 AHIMA strategic plan will impact the direction AHIMA and the House of Delegates will take in relation to all of the topics discussed. 

Submitted by,
Maggie Foley, PhD, RHIA, CCS
1st-Year Delegate

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