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July 2018

President's Message

Lorie MillsIn 1928 the Association of Record Librarians of North America was established to “elevate the standards of clinical records in hospitals and other medical institutions’. Over the years there has been many changes for the association but the guiding principle has remained the same.
During my term as President I want to focus on 3 initiatives. The first one being protecting our guiding principle of documentation integrity. With the evolution of technology we have allowed the integrity of our medical records to become sub-standard at best. It is our job to educate all entities on the importance of true and meaningful documentation. It is quality not quantity that dictates the integrity of our records. It is our responsibility to make sure as technology changes we do not forget our roots. The decline of documentation integrity can affect many facets in healthcare. Much of the statistical information published today is gained through health data. If we continue to allow our documentation integrity to fall by the wayside, we as an association are no longer relevant in protecting our founding principle of elevating the standards of clinical records. I for one intend to keep pressing for  documentation integrity.

The second initiative is one that I possess an extreme passion for. We are going to partner with the MS Hospital Association to bring to light the unfair payment practices of many of our commercial payers. Some payers use tactics that are considered unethical at best. We as an association want our providers and our patient population to be treated fairly by all parties in the process. We aim to work with industry partners including MHA on bringing legislation about to hold payers accountable for unfair payment practices. When this initiative comes to the fore front we will be asking our membership to call your representatives and express our desire to see the pendulum swing to the middle. We want an end put to the  bias toward providers and  the undue financial burden placed on patients by the payer. 
The third initiative is growing new volunteers for our association. As many of you can tell we have recycled the board for the last few years and for the first time we were not able to fill the position of President Elect  on the ballot. I want to  encourage you to reach out and take ownership of this association you are a part of. I for one can attest to the positive rewards of being on the board. I can say with certainty I would not be the Director of Coding and CDI at Forrest Health if it had not been for my involvement in MSHIMA. I was offered two separate positions by board members that I had served with. Both were years apart but they helped to prepare me for the most recent step in my career as a Director. Also, the mentoring I received from others such as Susan Perkins, Phyllis Spiers, Patsy Rayworth and Carol Melvin has given to me a polish that I would never have gained on my own. We ask that you please consider joining us for the future of MSHIMA. 
In closing we are moving into a future of expanded technology that sometimes forgets our basic principles. We must not let that happen. We must remember Back to the Future, Back to Basics if we are to ensure our founding principles. 

Lorie Mills
President, MSHIMA

CCS Bootcamp To Be Rescheduled

The CCS Bootcamp, postponed from May 2018, will be rescheduled soon. The newest edition of the CCS Prep Books from AHIMA are in, and our instructors are verifying their calendars before we commit to a new date. If you did not get a chance to register for the original date, you may still be able to register for the revised date when it is determined. All registered attendees will be notified as soon as the new date is announced.

White House Proposes a Major Cabinet-level Agency Overhaul and Restructuring of HHS and CMS

The Trump Administration last week proposed a massive overhaul of federal agencies, which would—among other consolidations—restructure the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and rename it the Department of Health and Public Welfare (DHPW), in a move to simpify, according to the administration. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would become part of a new Council on Public Assistance, along with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
The reorganization would require Congressional approval.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Help Treat EHR ‘Click Fatigue’

After years of physician claims of burnout and frustration related to electronic health records (EHRs), new technologies powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence, and digital scribes are making inroads in physician satisfaction.
Yale’s School of Medicine made two changes to the way physicians chart on EHRs, with a focus on reducing clicks and limiting keyboard-and-mouse user interface. One solution allows physicians to use their ID badges to tap in and out of the system after one initial username and password login at the start of their work day, according to the American Medical Association’s AMA Wire.
“This was a daily annoyance for our doctors,” Yale Medicine Chief Medical Officer Ronald Vender, MD, told AMA Wire. “It had a disproportionate effect above and beyond the time with just the annoyance factors. Addressing this psychologically, as well as time savings, has been a huge win.”
This change alone saved physicians between six and 20 minutes each day, which adds up to about 20 to 140 logins per physician each day. Another change Yale made was adding voice recognition software to their EHR, which helps doctors input their notes much more quickly at the point of care with patients. Physicians like that this gives the patient the opportunity to see what’s written about them in the record, which gives them the chance to provide instant feedback.

Women in Health IT Can Unleash a Huge Advantage #WomenInHIT

There is a wealth of research now that demonstrates enhanced business outcomes when women and other underrepresented groups occupy meaningful and innovative leadership roles. One such study explored the contributors to teams’ collective intelligence. Surprisingly, the intelligence level of individual team members was not found to be a predictor of the collective intelligence of the team, but having more women on the team was associated with higher levels of collective intelligence.
This is one of the many simple examples of unleashing the “diversity and inclusion advantage.”
If organizations want to unleash this advantage, they must of course examine and consider reorienting their culture and company policies. Organizations should take the lead in mentoring women on how to unleash the advantage in their own personal career journey. There are several important areas where women in Health IT can develop stronger skills.

MSHIMA Job Board

The MSHIMA website contains a job board available for those seeking employment and those looking to hire qualified HIM professionals in Mississippi. The job board is free to use for all MSHIMA members.

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MSHIMA Legal Manual Now Available

The latest edition of the MSHIMA Legal Manual is now available for purchase and download. This manual includes state and federal guidelines and policies for health information management. Stay up to date on the latest updates on policy and download your copy today!
MSHIMA Legal Manual
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