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November/December President's Message

November 16, 2017

President's Message

Happy November!

It’s hard to believe that we are already closing in on the year. 2017 was no doubt a busy year! Our WVHIMA Board of Directors has been hard at work with the new initiatives to better connect to you. The Board held a meeting on Friday, November 10, to report out on progress of current initiatives and discuss plans for the 2018 Annual Convention. The meeting kicked off with a fun “Getting Connected” exercise, in which each member listed the qualities they bring to WVHIMA and placed them on Legos, and then had to quickly piece together in a team building exercise. The purpose of the exercise was to acknowledge the various talents and qualities each board member brings to WVHIMA and how all of those qualities combined can make a stronger team, as well as use creative thinking skills to piece each item together. It was a fun way to get connected and learn more about each other.

Check out all of the qualities this year’s board brings together! We have a talented group of individuals this year.

(Lego team building exercise from November Board Meeting)

The Annual Convention committee reported out the progress they have made with plans for the 2018 Annual Convention. Registration is currently open with a great discount for those who register between now and the end of the year. Registration and full agenda available at: 

The Technology Committee has been working diligently on the weekly “Twitter Tuesday” and “Facebook Fun Fact Friday” posts.  In addition, the WVHIMA Website has been updated with a cleaner, more user-friendly look to better provide the latest resources and news updates for you. Check it out at: If there are any specific topics of interest or items you would like to see on any of our social media pages or our website, please contact .

Last month, WVHIMA Delegates Vickie Findley (President-Elect), Nelson R. Liston II (Vice-President), Chris Metheny (Past-President), and myself, attended the House of Delegates at the AHIMA National Convention in Los Angeles, California, to connect with other state leaders on industry trends and future needs of the profession and association. Topics of interest were:  Consumer Engagement, Business Process Outsourcing, Future of the House, HIM Re-Imagined, and Professional Development.  Each of our WV Delegates attended a different breakout session and had a lot of great discussion with other state leaders on this topics and made recommendations on moving forward. See further down for a full summarization of the House of Delegates meeting.

(Pictured left to right:  Nelson R Liston II, Vice-President; Vickie Findley, President-Elect; Christine Metheny, Past-President, and Megan McDougal, President at the 2017 AHIMA House of Delegates in Los Angeles, California)

As we quickly approach the Holiday season of giving, please consider these different ways to give back the HIM profession. There are numerous opportunities to give back, such as mentorship, apprenticeships, PPE sponsorship, and volunteerism. These opportunities benefit all HIM professionals, whether you are a student, new professional, or a seasoned HIM-er, plus, you may be eligible to receive CEU’s as a result!
  • Consider Becoming a Professional Practice Experience (PPE) Site Manager
    The PPE is an important part of students' education that ensures they have entry-level competencies in a real-world environment. As PPE Manager, you can earn AHIMA CEU’s while helping the student gain competencies to shape their future. You can host students both in-person or virtually, and create a learning experience not just for the student, but also for you!
    More information here
  • Sign up to be an HIM Mentor or Mentee
    Have you heard about the Mentor Match program? Sign up to be a mentor or mentee, and you will be matched with someone who matches your HIM interests. Terrific way to learn about different HIM careers, network, and meet new people. You will be surprised at all of the new things you will learn from one another.
    More information here.
  • AHIMA Apprenticeship Program
    Is your company seeking solutions to the training and development of employees or additional support to assist your organization in advancing healthcare technology?  Consider connecting with AHIMA's Registered HIM Apprenticeship Program. Apprenticeships are paid positions that bridge education and employment.AHIMA will be hostinga webinar
    with further details on the Apprenticeship on December 12.
    More information here.
  • Become A Volunteer!
  • Build your resume, gain experience, and network with others by becoming a volunteer. Various types of opportunities with various lengths of time are available at both the state and national level. There’s something fitting for everyone. To learn more about opportunities:
    WVHIMA Volunteer Opportunities
    AHIMA Volunteer Opportunities
Have a safe and happy Holiday season to you and yours.

Megan McDougal, MS, RHIA, CHTS-IM
WVHIMA President, 2017-2018

2017 AHIMA House of Delegates Meeting

Inspire, Innovate, Lead – 2017 House of Delegates Meeting

Over 200 delegates attended the House of Delegates (House) on October 8, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA during the AHIMA Annual Convention & Exhibit. Chrisann Lemery, MSE, RHIA, CHPS, FAHIMA, 2017 Speaker of the House challenged the delegates to be engaged, avid, and inspired.
Delegates participated in breakout sessions related to the HIM profession, including:
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Future of the House
  • HIM Re-imagined
  • Professional Development and Leadership
Thank you to our delegates for their invigorating discussions and recommendations for future action by the House and AHIMA! The suggestions agreed upon at the breakout sessions were shared in the afternoon session. A gap analysis will be conducted based on the recommendations from these breakout sessions, which will also be shared on the aforementioned Engage library entry. We welcome you to track the work of the House by following the updates available in the library.

Look for the following in this library entry, 2017 House of Delegates Meeting of the State Leaders and House (SLH) community.
  • Agenda
  • Breakout session topic - SBARS (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations)
  • References for the breakouts
  • PowerPoint Presentation: morning, afternoon (with the breakout session recommendations)
  • 2017 House Meeting Minutes
Additionally, President/Chair Ann F. Chenoweth, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, and Interim CEO, Pamela L. Lane, MS, RHIA, presented the Board and Chief Executive Officer’s Annual Report. The report included achievements from the past year for the association and the profession in accordance with the 2017 and beyond strategy, as well as, the current financial status of the Association and 2016 Financial Report.
Be sure to see the highlights of this information-packed meeting in the SLH Community, library item: 2017 House of Delegates Meeting. You may also see highlights in the Convention Daily, Monday, October 9, 2017. If you are interested in viewing all activities under the House of Delegates, please see the Leadership Dashboard posted in this same community under House of Delegates Dashboards: Leadership, Participation. This dashboard is updated on a monthly basis.

Get Connected at Canaan!

Registration now open!
Learn More and Register

AHIMA – IG HealthRate – Now FREE to Qualified Organizations!

During AHIMA’s Convention, it was announced that AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Model™ available via software called IGHealthRate™ is now available free to qualified organizations. The IGHealthRate maturity assessment provides a structured approach for organizations to utilize as they develop their information governance strategic plans and map current state. IGHealthRate™ assesses the using AHIMA’s Information Governance Adoption Model’s™ ten organizational competency areas.

Organizations that have engaged with the IG Adoption Model™ to advance trusted, accurate, reliable information have seen benefits that include:
  • cost avoidance,
  • increased patient safety
  • risk avoidance, and
  • more efficient / streamlined business processes.
If your organization is interested in utilizing this free IGHealthRate™ information governance maturity assessment tool please complete the qualification form. The qualification process requires the organization to identify a leader for the IG assessment project and identify an executive sponsor (C-suite preferred) who will champion the assessment and engagement with information governance in the organization. The initial IGHealthRate™ assessment needs to be completed within 60 days of qualification.
Thank you and we hope you will take advantage of IGHealthRate™ - the ONLY Information Governance Maturity Model specifically designed for all types of organizations across the healthcare ecosystem including providers, payers, business associates and any information intensive organizations.
Organizations using the assessment work toward an IG Adoption Model (IGAM™) Level 4 or 5 award.  Here a recent news story regarding a healthcare organization and their achievement of AHIMA IGAM Level 4™: 
Here are some additional IGHealthRate™ resource links:

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