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Intoxicating Opals and Fascinating Fossils...

Tucson Treasures
Alisha, John and I just returned from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with a new collection of Mexican Fire Opals, Australian Boulder Opals and many new Fossils. Click on the photo to see all of our available opals and fire agates or click on the button to read our 2020 Tucson blog. We walked a lot of miles, shopped, laughed and played with dinosaurs. 

*Scroll down to read about Alisha's Ammonite finds.


Devonian Adventure in Tucson...

What is an Ammonite?

Alisha's inspiration for her Nautilus Pendants are fossilized Ammonites and each February, she scours the Tucson fossil shows in search of Ammonites suitable for her Nautilus Jewelry designs. Although it is easy to imagine that today’s Nautilus descended from the Ammonite, the extinct marine Ammonite was more closely related to the octopus, squid and cuttlefish than the nautilus. Ammonites belonged of the class Cephalopoda and first appeared during the Devonian age. Their spiral shape shells are beautiful and the species evolved over millenniums. Depending on ocean sediments and aquatic chemistry the fossilization process creates varied results. 

Ready to take flight...

El Dorado Mexican Fire Opal Dragon

El Dorado Dragon clutches a golden 15 carat Mexican fire opal blazing with orange and green opalescence. This one of a kind detailed and three dimensional dragon pendant is cast in 18K gold. 

Our newest One of a Kind offering...


2020 Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show...

Always Amazed at Tucson!

I look forward to the Tucson show each year.  The various venues  take over much of Tucson and this year, Alisha, John and I went together. Three sets of trained eyes are an asset when ticking off the gemstones and fossils on our shopping lists. We go to Tucson to buy, learn and find inspiration for new designs.  We start each day early and don’t quit until the shows close. We hope this picture blog  is both informative and entertaining. 


34th and Vine...

Love Python #9 

Love Python Pendant #9 is lost wax cast in sterling silver. The coils of the snake twist whimsically into a heart shape. On the backside, a tiny number 9 twists between the coils.

Express your love "Gypsy Style." 


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