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Kramer Control Online Training & Certification
Become Certified as a System Designer or Programmer—It's Easy and Online!

Join our Kramer Control certified community of system designers and programmers and start piloting the most powerful, cutting-edge and easy-to-use Control platform on the market!

Control Re-imagined. In the Cloud.
  • Control spaces locally and remotely
  • Enjoy a programming-free drag & drop builder
  • Get business analytics you can act on
Becoming certified as a Kramer Control System Designer or Programmer is simple, rewarding and all online!

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What is Kramer Control?

Kramer Control is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based control and management platform that lets IT and AV managers easily control, monitor and support AV systems, infrastructures and any third-party devices. The platform operates inside a distributed architecture and leverages existing IP network infrastructures, providing scalability and reliability with no single point of failure. 


  • Automatic data gathering 
  • Ready-to-go and customizable dashboards for end-users
  • Intuitive code-free, drag-and-drop programming
  • Leverages existing IP infrastructure 
  • Always up-to-date cloud-based solution 
  • Highly scalable and inherently aware distributed architecture 
  • Fully customizable UI 
  • Easy to learn and master
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AVNation on Kramer Control at ISE 2017
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