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ePanel Round-up: September 2019

Our vision for maternity services  

NHS Coastal West Sussex CCG is leading the Local Maternity System (LMS) on behalf of commissioners, providers, service users and third sector organisations to deliver the national vision for maternity services across Sussex.

Local Maternity Systems have been set up across the country to deliver the improvements set out in Better Births, the Five Year Forward View for Maternity Services which was published by NHS England in 2016. The individual work-streams within the LMS are:
  • Commissioning for Outcomes – agreeing consistent standardised requirements and outcomes;  
  • Safety and Quality – improving quality, safety and enabling system-wide learning;
  • Workforce Transformation – looking at innovative approaches to addressing workforce challenges;
  • Continuity of Carer – aiming for the majority of women to receive their maternity care from the same health care professional;
  • Perinatal Mental Health – looking to improve understanding, detection and management of perinatal mental health issues;
  • Digital – ensuring IT systems talk to each other and allow women to access information about maternity care;
  • Improving Prevention – reducing infant mortality and improving health and wellbeing outcomes for families and future generations;
  • Choice and Personalisation – allowing choice and opportunities through the use of personalised care plans
Earlier this year we told you how you could get involved in our local Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) which is just one way of ensuring that people who use our maternity services are being heard.  

Service user engagement has been right at the centre of the work-streams listed above by using the networks and expertise that have been created within each of the five Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) that exist.

In addition to the regular activity undertaken by those MVPs, such as Walk the Patch and 15 Steps, the LMS Programme team undertook some user engagement activity during 2018 via online surveys, focus groups and interviews to understand the current experience of maternity care. This activity will be repeated in 2020 to identify any improvements and further opportunities for change. The LMS Programme Team are particularly grateful to local groups who have enabled people to have a voice who might traditionally have not been heard, such as mothers with learning disabilities, parents whose first language isn’t English and mothers whose children are removed from their care.

If you would like to know more about the LMS Programme visit the Sussex Health and Care Partnership website or contact for more information. 

The programme is anticipated to continue until March 2021, at which point many of the changes will have become embedded as standard practice.

Care and support at home consultation

Around 1900 people across West Sussex currently receive care and support at home (domiciliary care), which is purchased for them by West Sussex County Council. 

These contract arrangements for purchasing domiciliary care come to an end in January 2021. The Council has developed a new approach and residents are invited to share their views on the proposed new arrangements

Some of the priorities set out in the proposals include:
  • Focusing on peoples strengths and support networks;
  • Achieving a set of goals and outcomes;
  • Improving Council systems.
If you would like to have your say on the proposed arrangements you are encouraged to complete a survey which forms part of a wider programme of engagement around the provision of Care and Support for people who have eligible social care needs. The survey will close on Sunday 15 September 2019.

If you would like a copy of the consultation document and survey in an alternative format, such as Easy-Read please contact West Sussex County Council on 03302 224145 or via email to If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have the NGT app installed on your laptop, PC or smartphone, you can contact us on 18001 03302 224145.

The findings from the consultation will inform the decision being taken by the Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care in November 2019. 

Never too late to vaccinate!

The World Health Organisation recently confirmed that the UK has lost its 'measles-free' status just three years after the virus was eliminated in this country. There have been more than 230 confirmed cases of measles in the UK during the first quarter of 2019. 

The MMR is a safe and effective combined vaccine that protects against 3 separate illnessesmeasles, mumps and rubella (German measles) – in a single injection. The full course of MMR vaccination requires 2 doses - at around one year and a second injection at 3yrs and 4 months of age. Children up to the age of 18 who missed, or only partially completed, their earlier MMR vaccination can have a "catch-up" MMR vaccination on the NHS.  

By having the vaccine you are protecting yourself and those around you from getting measles mumps or rubella. If you are unsure about your child's vaccination status check with your GP practice. Further information about the MMR vaccine is available on the NHS website.

Save the date: Health campaigns and awareness days  

There are a number of national (and international!) health and wellbeing campaigns and awareness days planned for September. Here is a selection:  

Organ Donation Week: 2 - 8 September. The campaign aims to encourage people to join the NHS Organ Donor Register and to share their donation decision

Know your numbers week: 9 - 15 September. The Blood Pressure UK's flagship blood pressure testing and awareness campaign encourages adults to know their blood pressure numbers and take the necessary action to reach and maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

World Suicide Prevention Day: 10 September. Promoting worldwide action and commitment to prevent suicides.

Drink Free Days: 10 September - 11 November. The Drink Free Days campaign encourages people to think about how much they are drinking and to highlight that having more Drink Free Days can improve your health. 

World Sepsis Day: 13 September. This is an annual awareness day and an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against sepsis.

Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning: 27 September. Host your own coffee morning to raise awareness and help Macmillan to support more people living with cancer.

Join the national NHS cancer forum  

Would you like to help put people and communities at the heart of the NHS Cancer Programme?

The NHS Cancer Programme exists to improve early diagnosis, survival, quality of life and patient experience for people with cancer across England. At the heart of this is the Patient and Public Voices Forum which allows the programme to be shaped by patient, carer and family perspectives

NHS England are looking for people across the country who are passionate about the NHS and can spare a few days this year to help transform cancer services.

If you would like an information pack and details of how to apply please email Kaz Obuka or by calling 07577 5544914

The closing date for applications is Monday 30 September.

Time for a brew?

Action For Deafness hold a coffee morning that is open to all, every Tuesday from 10.30am - 12.30pm at their branch in Worthing: 2 - 6 Buckingham Road, Worthing BN11 1TH. 

The organisation was founded as a charity in 1994 by deaf people, for deaf people in Sussex. Action for Deafness provides advice, support, information and services to enable Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and deafblind people to lead independent lives. The organisation works in partnership with many local and national organisations including the NHS with which it has a contract to provide audiology services. 

More information about the work that Action for Deafness does is available on their website.

Read the latest news from our partner organisations... 

Coastal bites

  • The CCG’s next meeting of our Governing Body will be held on Tuesday 24 September 2019. Further details are available online.
  • There is still time to have your say on mental health services by taking part in the public consultation which is open until Friday 11 October.
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