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Did you know?
  • 2,000 eye injuries occur everyday at work in the US
  • Construction workers have one of the highest eye injury rates
  • Particles of dust, metal, wood, slag, drywall, cement etc. are the most common source
  • Even "minor" eye injuries can cause life-long vision problems and suffering- a simple scratch from sawdust, cement, or drywall can cause corneal erosion that is recurrently painful
Create a Safe Work Environment
  • Minimize hazards from falling or unstable debris.
  • Make sure that tools work and safety features (machine guards) are in place.
  • Make sure that workers (particularly volunteers) know how to use tools properly.
  • Keep bystanders out of the hazard area.  
Evaluate Safety Hazards
  • Identify the primary hazards at the site.
  • Identify hazards posed by nearby workers, large machinery, and falling/shifting debris.
Wear the Proper Eye and Face Protection
  • Select the appropriate eye protection for the hazard.
  • Make sure the eye protection is in good condition.
  • Make sure the eye protection fits properly and will stay in place.
Use Good Work Practices
  • Caution: brush, shake, or vacuum dust and debris from hardhats, hair, forehead, or the top of the eye protection before removing the protection.
  • Do not rub eyes with dirty hands or clothing.
  • Clean eyewear regularly.
  • Prepare for eye injuries and first aid needs.
  • Have an eye wash or sterile solution on hand.
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