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Odd flowers and good news for all you friends of Russell out there!

First Draft 

That’s right, the next book has stumbled to its conclusion, with most of the holes patched along the way. It’s not a book yet, you understand—but it is a first draft, so: YAY!

Q: Okay, so what’s this baby called?

A: It’s still at the “working title” stage, but at the moment that is:

Riviera Gold

Q: So what’s it about? 

A: Well, that would be telling. Although I will admit that, as the clever and caffeinated among you may have perceived, it does in some way concern the Riviera. And it is a Russell novel, so we have Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, and maybe a few other characters you’ve met before.  And yes, Gold comes into it as well—but is it gold the element, or gold the sand, or gold the color of the northern visitors’ skins under the sun, or gold as in 

Golden lads and girls all must
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust

or gold as in …?

Well, yes.

I’ve just sent it off for a first read-through by my poor unsuspecting new editor, who will look at it and try and come up with a polite and unpanicked reaction.  Because 

And this one certainly fits that rule, being short, inadequate, clunky, and in all ways rough.

BUT IT IS A FIRST DRAFT!  So yay! And because it now exists, and gives me an idea of the plot’s machinery, I can go back and make it better: longer, richer, more sensible—make it into a proper novel, suitable for eyes other than an editor’s, who is accustomed to looking for the shape behind the mess.

Q: When? WhenWhenWhen???

A: The pub date is still, so far as I know, early June next year. Yeah I know, long time from now, sorry, that’s how the writer’s brain, the writer’s busy life, and the writer’s publisher all happen to work.

Other News

Now that I’ve handed the first draft over to my publisher, I have a brief window where I can return to our old friend Kate Martinelli.  That novella (i.e., half a novel) is also finished, also waiting for its rewrite, and a bit of research as to the working of the SFPD. 

I hope HOPE to get this finished right quick, so as to have it out at least in e-book before BoucherCon in October. This one will be a self-pub for various reasons—BUT, my beloved audio publishers Recorded Books will be producing it as well, as soon as I finish my tune-up and polish job.

Q: Name, please?


Beginnings: A Kate Martinelli Story


Still Other News

Speaking of rewrites, I had an interesting time putting together a seminar for San Francisco’s LitQuake people on The Rewrite.  Interesting for me, at least, not sure about the participants.  But if you want a chance to be a pupil of the great [sic] Laurie R. King, you might like to see if the Book Passage Writing Conference has any spots left. 

ALSO, do think about coming to BoucherCon this October.  It’s going to be such fun.  Mary Russell will be taking over the hospitality suite the first morning, and we’ll have giveaways, and there will be all kids of folk walking around in Russell t-shirts and and and.  Don’t miss it. Dallas is an easy flight to anywhere.

The Giveaway Department

Last month’s giveaway of a lovely silk scarf that I bought in a shop on Venice’s Piazza San Marco went to Mandy W. Whose fingers get to run over the sleek softness, any time she wants.

Penguin Random House’s giveaway of an Island of the Mad Book Club in a Box (12 copies plus a letter from me and Fun Swag) went to someone. I’m waiting for names, and pictures….

And for July?  Well, I so loved Venice that I got two things there to give to my newsletter friends—the scarf, and this gobsmackingly gorgeous 6”x8” journal with a cover showing the amazing tile floor of the San Marco Cathedral.

Doesn’t it just make you want to learn calligraphy, to live up to the beauty?

The drawing is open until August 1, and good anywhere in the world.  To enter your name, click here.

I wish you all good reading, good times, and your share of unexpected blossoms.  And now I think I’ll get back to work. Kate, honey, where were we?

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