A Good-bye and Thank You
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CEELO IMPACT - September 2019


As the federally funded work of the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) comes to a close, I want to add my own words of appreciation for the superb leadership of Lori Connors-Tadros, Jana Martella and Rolf Grafwallner, as well as for all of our partners in the states and territories. CEELO embodied a new model for technical assistance as a learning community built on the expertise and knowledge of leaders in SEAs and other agencies supporting early learning, as well as research. As Bob Dylan put it, “you’re gonna have to serve somebody,” and it has been an honor to serve dedicated leaders of early learning policy across the country. NIEER will continue to serve, partnering with the field to advance evidence-based policy and practice, as will our institutional partners EDC and CCSSO. Thanks for all your support and your great work for young children and their families.

The Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes (CEELO) was one of 22 Comprehensive Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. In operation since 2012, CEELO has worked with federal, state, and national partners to strengthen the capacity of State Education Agencies (SEAs) to lead sustained improvements in early learning opportunities and outcomes. CEELO’s federal funding will end on September 30, 2019; however, our work will be sustained by the collaborating partners - the Council of Chief State School Officers, the National Institute for Early Education Research, Education Development Center, and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education.

Throughout its seven years, CEELO sought to bring new resources, tools, and recognition to the field of early childhood education and to the role of state agencies in implementing effective policies. We are most proud of our strategic projects, to name a few:
  • We just completed our 5th cohort of the Leadership Academy, which over its five years resulted ng in 38 state leaders’ increased capacity.
  • We conducted the first ever survey of its kind of state early childhood education agency staff, as part of the Legacy 2030 project AND the video and audio webcasts for each of eleven Pioneers in Early Childhood education were just released!
  • We developed a comprehensive but useable tool, the Cost of Preschool Quality and Revenue, to assist states and other leaders in planning for quality early childhood programs.

See more of the results and resources from these projects below.

An important principle guiding our work was to be responsive to state needs and to ground our TA and resources in the highest quality research and best practice. This quote from our most recent annual report sums up what we hoped to achieve- It is extremely important to be able to back up policy requests with solid data, research, and/or expertise from other states. This is what CEELO provides to our agency so that we can make informed decision concerning policy and best practice for early childhood programing across the state.

We are proud of our highly accomplished team (see below) of technical assistance specialists!  Each of us learned with you and from you!  The CEELO TA team will continue work with their respective organizations.  You will continue to have access to CEELO resources on our website, and our partner’s websites, the National Institute for Early Education Research, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the Education Development Center.

Please know that we are committed to supporting effective state policy for young children and providing you with the resources you need to achieve your goals.  We are very grateful for your support over the past years!  Please keep in touch!


Top to bottom - First row: Karin Garver, Leila Sammander, Tracy Jost, Jana Martella, Lori Connors-Tadros, GG Weisenfeld, Ellen Frede. Second row: Diane Schilder, Michelle Ruess, Steve Barnett, Rolf Grafwallner. Third row: Kafi Oladiran, Tom Schultz, Shannon Ayers, Michelle Horowitz, Jim Squires, Kim Meninga, Mel Dahlin, Megan Carolan, Sheryll Famularcano.
Explore the materials and activities considered by Leadership Academy Fellows Cohort 5 during their final meeting in September 2019.

Meet the Pioneers - Visit Legacy 2030 to view video interviews with renown experts and innovators in early childhood education.

Dive into the latest updates of CEELO's Cost of Preschool Quality & Revenue Calculator and State Administrative Cost of Quality (SACQ) budget planning tools and learn  how New Mexico and Washington have used the SACQ.
Register for the October 17 webinar from the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education (NAECS-SDE) and CEELO - All Children Learn and Thrive: Building First 10 Schools and Communities.


  • Third Grade Reading Laws: Implementation and Impact In partnership with CEELO, CCSSO releasedthe publication of this brief which is intended to give an overview of the current status of state third grade reading laws and policies, with the goal of supporting states’ early literacy goals. Recognizing the critical importance of early literacy, CCSSO and CEELO have both worked intensively with states on birth through third grade improvement strategies across literacy and other learning domains.
  • The Prekindergarten through 3rd grade (P-3) Tool is a planning and reflection tool for use by states, districts, schools, early childhood programs, and classrooms working to align more coherent policies and practices to support improved outcomes for students in prekindergarten through third grade.
  • P3 Planning, Implementation and RevisionThis panel presentation took place in July 2019 at the New York State P-3 Institute.  Panelists provided two district’s approaches to P3, engaged in conversations about promising practices in implementation, and provided advice on what to avoid and resources to use in planning.