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July 2020 Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP),
Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence (EVLOA), and
Short-Term Leave of Absence (STLOA) FAQs - Part VI

*Base Displacement/Priority Return Edition*

The deadline for balloting for the Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP), Extended Voluntary Leave of Absence (EVLOA), and Short-Term Leave of Absence (STLOA) Programs has been extended to Wednesday, August 12th at 2359 (CDT).

APFA continues to compile VEOP, EVLOA and STLOA questions. This hotline focuses on the displacement/priority return process outlined in JCBA Section 22. We know there are many questions on specific displacement processes, such as priority return forms, confirmation that your priority return is on file, etc. Should there be a need for base displacements, we will make sure you have the pertinent information. As of today, the goal is to balance out the base staffing through the VEOP, EVLOA, STLOA, and Voluntary Transfer programs. 

Here is an overview of how the displacement and priority return process works, along with a list of past Q & As.

Should you have further questions regarding the VEOP, EVLOA, STLOA or WARN notifications, please contact an APFA Contract and Scheduling Representative by clicking here.

1. Can I be displaced while on a PVLOA or an EVLOA?
Yes. Displacements are processed in inverse seniority order regardless of leave status. (JCBA 22.G.
2. What determines if I am displaced? 

In the event your base closes or downsizes, a displacement may occur. Displacements are processed in inverse seniority order.  (JCBA 22.H.
3. If I am displaced can I ‘bump’ someone junior to me out of a desired base and take that slot? 

No. A displaced Flight Attendant shall be permitted to exercise her/his seniority to fill open vacancies throughout the system. (JCBA 22.H.2.
4. Can I be displaced while on a VEOP? 

No, once awarded a VEOP, you cannot be displaced.
5. Can I be displaced if I am furloughed? 

Yes. A furloughed Flight Attendant may be recalled to a crew base other than the one in which s/he was furloughed from. (JCBA 22.G.;  JCBA 23.C.7.
6. How do I return to the base from which I was displaced? 

A displaced Flight Attendant may exercise priority return over non-displaced Flight Attendants and utilize her/his seniority to return to her/his former crew base when a vacancy occurs, or the crew base is reopened.  (JCBA 22.H.

Example: A Flight Attendant was displaced from the PHX crew base, and has a priority of return on file back to PHX. Five months later, one (1) vacancy in PHX opens. The displaced Flight Attendant would have the priority of return over a non-displaced Flight Attendant attempting to transfer into PHX. 
7. Will the Company provide information if I am displaced, or my base closes? 
Yes. The Company will provide impacted Flight Attendants with a packet detailing their options. (JCBA 22.H.8.
8. If I am displaced will the Company pay for me to move? 
Yes, subject to the provisions in JCBA Section 5
9. If I am recalled from furlough to a base other than the base from which I was furloughed, am I eligible for a paid move? 
Yes, if you accept the first eligible recall. (JCBA 5.A.4.)

10. If Flight Attendants are displaced out of my base while I am on an EVLOA, but the displacement does not reach my seniority, will I still return to my original base at the end of my EVLOA?

Yes. If you are on an EVLOA, and Flight Attendants junior to you are displaced from your base, but your seniority is not displaced from your base, you will still return to your original base upon return from EVLOA.

In Solidarity,

Brian Walsh
APFA National Contract Chair

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