"Patrick Leahy asked her to elaborate. 'Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter,' Dr. Ford said. 'The uproarious laughter between the two. They’re having fun at my expense.'"
— Senate Judicial Hearing, September 27, 2018

TODAY, MEGA CANVASS for Karen McCormick for Congress, YES on 112 YES on 73 & NO on 74, Saturday, September 29, 10am–12pm, 5th & Main, SE corner (courtyard next to the church). Bring smartphone with Minivan app (will provide training) or clipboard (will provide walklist). 

Longmont Leads with Love Weekly (not silent) Vigil, 1–2pm, 6th and Main. Today in support of Christine Blasey Ford and against Kavanaugh. Bring signs, banners, flags, songs, art, etc. Park at the public lot on east side of Coffman between 6th and 5th. Everyone is welcome!

ADDRESS POSTCARDS for the FAB FIVE! Saturday, Sept. 29, 12–6pm, 2825 5th Street, Boulder. Help Colorado win a Full Blue Majority in our State House, sending out postcards for Kerry Donovan (SD5), Tammy Story (SD16), Jessie Danielson (SD20), Brittany Pettersen (SD22), Faith Winter (SD24).

Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples, September 29, 3-5pm, Louisville Center for the Arts, 801 Grant Ave, Louisville. Workshop for high school students and adults, facilitated by Jerilyn DeCoteau (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and Paula Palmer. PLEASE RSVP: paulaRpalmer@gmail.com.

YOUR PRECINCT LEADER NEEDS YOU: If you are a precinct leader, THANK YOU. If you don't know your precinct leader, look them up here. Then offer 2 hours on a weekend to help with distributing BCDP Voter Guides IN ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTIONS OF OUR TIME — THANKS!

your registration at govotecolorado.com
Make sure your address is current.

You should receive your ballot by mid-October.
VOTE as soon as you receive your ballot (then election calls and door knocks will stop).
VOTE YOUR WHOLE BALLOT. Every race is important, including judges and ballot issues. If you leave any part of your ballot blank, you allow others to choose for you. And those down ballot races (SOS, AG, County Clerk, and more) will protect our state from an extremist SCOTUS! (The BCDP Voter Guide is a great resource if you have questions! It will be posted when available on bocodems.org)
You can register to vote up to and including Election Day. BALLOTS ARE DUE to the Boulder County Clerk's office by Election Day, Tuesday, November 6 at 7pm. Save postage — and get an "I Voted" sticker — by dropping off ballots in Longmont at the Clerk's office on 6th and Coffman.

TOWN HALL: A Discussion on Immigration Policy in Colorado, Tuesday, October 2, 6pm, CU Campus, Fleming Building, Boulder. With State Rep. KC Becker (HD13) and State Senator (SD17) and candidate for Boulder County Commissioner(District 3) Matt Jones.

NEXT LAD MEETING — THIS IS IT!: Know Your Ballot!, Wednesday, October 3, 6:30pm, Front Range Community College. We will walk you through every part of your ballot, from candidates to the ballot issues in anticipation of your ballot arriving in your mailbox MID OCTOBER.

DEBATE: Karen McCormick & Ken Buck, Saturday, October 6, 2pm, Longmont Museum, 400 Quail Rd. THIS IS THE ONLY DEBATE between our Democratic candidate for the 4th CD, Karen McCormick and the "illustrious", NRA funded Rep. Buck. Hosted by Longmont Observer and the League of Women Voters of Boulder County.

Two Rivers film/discussion, Friday, October 12, 6:30-9 pm, Collective Community Arts Center, 201 N. Public Road, Lafayette. Watch the Two Rivers trailer here,

TOWN HALL: Ballot Issues Forum, Monday, October 15, 6–8pm, Boulder Public Library Creek Room, Boulder. With State Rep. KC Becker (HD13) and State Senator (SD17) and candidate for Boulder County Commissioner (District 3) Matt Jones, State Senator Steve Fenberg (SD18), and State Rep. Mike Foote (HD12).

ROUGH WEEK: From the heartbreaking courage of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to Grassley and Graham's misplaced righteous indignation, to petulant, privileged, emotionally-phony Kavanaugh, to our Democratic Senators walking out on the vote today, to Flake having a conscience (apparently he has to be shamed into having one — note to self.) to trump stumbling into doing the right thing (only because the yes votes — for once — are not all certain).

WATCH our Democratic Senators (Hirono, Harris, Blumenthal and Whitehouse) after they walked out, here. 

WATCH Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher, two sexual assault survivors, tell Jeff Flake what "the work of justice is" — better than anyone could — here.

WATCH Senator Whitehouse break it all down here, and here.

ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) HOLDS — Know Your Rights Social Media Campaign: Defend Colorado Counties Rejecting ICE Holds. Did you know it is illegal for Sheriffs to hold a person on an ICE hold, unless they have a judicially approved warrant? Please share on your pages or twitter, here.

CANVASS for Progressive Causes and get paid to do it, here.

HAVE YOU MISSED LAD Meetings? No worries, we know folks are busy! Presentation materials from past meetings can be found here.

The Latest on the Russian Investigation, here.

RECOMMENDED PODCASTS (listen on the go, & cheaper than cable!): The Wilderness, The Daily (NYT), Caliphate, Pod Save America, Pantsuit Nation, Slow Burn (Slate), Vox The Ezra Klein Show, Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Lovett or Leave it, The Rachel Maddow Show, Why is this Happening with Chris Hayes, Mueller, She Wrote, Stay Tuned with Preet.

GO AHEAD, sign up for one more email list — this one is GOOD: focused, reliable, ACTION-based, from Indivisible, here.

THE DAILY LOWDOWN in one place, here.

TRY RESISTBOT: Text "Resist" to 50409. Check it out, it will automatically send — and keep trying to send until send is confirmed — your message to your members. Fast, easy, convenient, and you acquire more functions the more you use it!

Senator Cory Gardner (R): 202-224-5941 (DC) / 303-391-5777(Denver). Senator Michael Bennet(D): 202-224-5852 (DC) / 303-455-7600 (Denver). Representative Ken Buck (R–CD4): 202-225-4676 (DC) / 970-702-2136 (Greeley).

CHECK OUT our Resources and CLEAN widgets at longmontdems.org — if you've missed meetings, we'll try to post presentation materials in a timely manner. Also check out The Daily Lowdown widget, chronicling trump debacles and How to Track a Bill, with tips on how to follow state and federal legislature bills. Missed a blast or introducing a friend to them? We'll always post the current blast at longmontdems.org

DON'T FORGET to sign up for Daily ACTION ALERTS! Even though DC voicemail boxes become full, these alerts can be your signal to contact district offices. 

Not on facebook?: Maybe now's the time — if only for political action and alerts. We've found for many impromptu events and protests, facebook is the only place to find them. You'll need to sign up for a facebook account to access very good and informative facebook pages, like Pantsuit Nation, Longmont Area Democrats or CLEAN. Even if you are a "refusnik" like many of us were at first, Facebook is an easy and friendly way to stay politically active. (and you don't have to post to personal friends, in fact, you don't have to post at all, just follow your news feed.)

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