“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” ― MALALA YOUSAFZAI

thank you —

to the over 100 folks who attended our Annual Summer Picnic at Ollin Farms on Saturday! We hope you enjoyed the event...the band will be playing at the Longmont Electric Vehicle Fair on September 15 (see details below)!
TWO FOUND ITEMS: A hat, and a pair of red sunglasses were found at the picnic. If one or both are yours, please contact us here, and we'll arrange for a pickup!
Meet and Greet for Jonathan Singer, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, Wednesday, August 28, 5:30–7:30pm, Liquid Mechanics Brewing Company, 297 US-287 #100, Lafayette. With Lafayette City Council Members JD Mangat and Stephanie Walton. If you can't attend, please consider donating to Jonathan's campaign, here.

BERNIE PHONE BANK, Wednesday, August 28, 5–7pm, RSVP here for street address.

THIS & EVERY Saturday: Longmont Leads with Love Weekly Vigil, 1–2pm, 6th and Main St.

Meet and Greet for Jonathan Singer, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, Saturday, August 31 from 3:30–5:30pm, Industrious Boulder, 1919 14th St Suite 700, Downtown Boulder. With Hosts Cynthia Beard and Tom Downs, Representative Edie Hooton and Jim Hooton, Senator Mike Foote and Heidi Foote, Chris Woods. If you can't attend, please consider donating to Jonathan's campaign, here. For more info go to singerforbouldercounty.org

Meet & Greet Fundraiser for Marta Loachamin, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, Thursday September 5, 6:30–8pm, Boulder. RSVP here, for address.
If you can't attend, please consider donating to Marta's campaign, here. For more info, go to marta2020.org

Meet and Greet for Jonathan Singer, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, Sunday, September 8th, 4–6pm, Sicily Circle Neighborhood Longmont. RSVP here for address — space is limited! If you can't attend, please consider donating to Jonathan's campaign, here. For more info go to singerforbouldercounty.org

Candidate Conversation with Marta Loachamin, candidate for Boulder County Commissioner, Boulder County Democratic Party monthly meeting, Wednesday, September 11, 6–6:30pm, 5735 Arapahoe Ave #A1, Boulder. Public invited! Join us to hear about Marta's candidacy at the BCDP monthly meeting, where Marta will present with a brief Q&A.

2020 COLORADO US SENATE CANDIDATES all in one place, here.

Indivisible Defund Hate Every Corner Action, Friday, September 13, rush hour. Peacefully occupy street corners & wave signs during the evening rush hour across the state to push for CUTS, not increases, in the money Congress will send to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) & Customs and Border Protection (CBP). NO money to criminalize immigrants — we will NOT let our government give one penny more to HATE. Pick a corner, register your event and more info, here. TEXT "Defund Hate" to 97779 for updates.

Longmont Electric Vehicle Fair, Sunday, September 15, 11am–3pm, Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Road, Longmont. FREE to the public, with EV Parade, Ride and Drives, Kids Tent, guest speakers, music, and vendor booths! Sponsored by Sustainable Resilient Longmont, Boulder County Sustainability, Platte River Power Authority and Ecomark Solar. To register your EV, please visit driveelectricweek.org

El Comité Tex Mex Spanish Dance Fundraiser, Saturday, Sepember 14, 8pm to 12am, Duran's Hobby Acres, 15591 N. 107th Street, Longmont.  Music provided by The Bittersweet Touch Band. $25/person, $45/per couple, Space is limited! Tickets sold at the El Comité office, 455 Kimbark St. Longmont. For more info, call El Comité at 303/651-6125
PLEASE SUBMIT QUESTIONS for Longmont City Council Candidates to be considered for our Candidate Forum in October ! Longmont City Council Election is Tuesday, November 5 (scroll down for more election info). Email your questions here, THANKS!
POSTCARDS! Contact Faith at cranesforkindness@gmail.com — and ask about the latest project!
HOW ANY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE BEATS TRUMP Consider this approach (from the folks who beat David Duke) — Don't downplay the "elephant in the room":  trump's racism and white nationalism. He's not trying to "distract us" (he's not a genius, he's a racist) and trumpism is not the country we want to be. Policy is important, but if you downplay his racism, you normalize it and allows people to say, "if they're talking about this other stuff so much, his racism must not be that bad." Don't try to flip trump voters, they won't. "Trumpism is a threat to everything we care about and love about this country" and rejecting it will inspire and DRIVE UP TURNOUT from the good folks nationwide. Read the whole piece here...it's good!
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. See "What to do if ICE comes to your door", from the National Immigration Project, here.

This is How We Defend Immigrants from trump, here.

IMMIGRANTS & ALLIES: Please keep the Colorado Rapid Response Network (CORRN)  — Immigration hotline number: 1 (844) 864-8341 to report any ICE activity in Colorado and southern Wyoming! Please follow CORRN on facebook (Colorado Rapid Response Network - Immigration) and support the following groups affiliated with CORRN online:  American Friends Service Committee (facebook:ColoradansForImmigrantRights),
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition,
Colorado People's Alliance, Mi Familia Vota,
Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, Together Colorado,
United for a New Economy

about those recalls, repeals and ballot measures...
POLIS RECALL: One of the recall groups diverted $29,657.47 of their funding to "Colorado for Trump" — can they do that? Yes, they can, here. They have until September 6 to collect signatures, but might not turn them in — so that they can use the same signatures for a future recall, here. (Look for bills in our legislature's next session to reform the recall process in Colorado.)

PETTERSEN, LEE — AND NOW GARCIA RECALLS: State Senator Brittany Pettersen (SD22), won her district by SIXTEEN points. They had to toss the signatures from the first attempt at recall, but they're at it again. Go to pettersenproud.com to add your name in support of Senator Pettersen. State Senator Pete Lee (SD11) won with 61% of the vote. Go to protectpetelee.com to add your name in support of Senator Lee. Petition signatures are due September 16 for both Lee and Pettersen. State Senate President LeRoy Garcia (SD3-Pueblo), an Iraq War veteran, who won his district by SEVENTY THREE percent, and whose district is the same district State Senator Angela Giron was recalled from in 2013 for her gun safety votes — faces a recall challenge. Signatures are due October 18. More, here. Continue to support Our Colorado Way of Life.

From the Denver Post Editorial Board: "...Republican Nancy Pallozzi became very familiar with Pettersen’s policy positions when they ran against each other in the 2016 election. Pettersen won by a healthy margin. Pallozzi is now trying to recall Pettersen for the very types of issues they argued about on the campaign trail." More, here.

...oh, HELL NO!: Anti choice activists have submitted SIX 22-week ABORTION BAN INITIATIVES (Class 3 FELONY) for review on August 2. DO NOT be complacent since Colorado has historically and resoundingly rejected similar measures in the past. We need ALL ADVOCATES on deck to speak out and defeat these efforts! DECLINE TO SIGN! More, here.  

The REPEAL of the National Popular Vote Compact will most likely be on your 2020 ballot (with confusing language to be sure). But what better way to advocate for NO REPEAL than up against getting rid of trump? More, here.

ACTIONS: If you are approached to sign any petition 
DECLINE TO SIGN, unless you have access to trusted info about any approved petitions. We'll keep you posted! Donate to, or volunteer with Our Colorado Way of Life, also on facebook. SPREAD THE MESSAGE on social media and to your contact lists that the RECALLS are WRONG, they invalidate votes (targeted electeds have WON BY LARGE MARGINS) and they cheat democracy.
Tuesday, November 5, 2019
(all Colorado elections are mail-in ballot. Ballots mailed mid-October.
Election details at


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

CAUCUS: Saturday, March 7, 2020
(in the afternoon)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Check your voter registration at govotecolorado.com

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