“Blessed are the damn-givers, for they will right-side the world"

STOP BY OUR BOOTH TODAY! Longmont Area Democrats will have a booth at the Boulder County Fair, TODAY, Saturday, August 10 & TOMORROW, Sunday, August 11, 10am–9pm, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Exhibit Building, 9595 Nelson Road, Longmont. We will be in the Exhibit Building this year — nice and cool! Please stop by to say hi! 

THIS SATURDAY & EVERY Saturday: Longmont Leads with Love Weekly Vigil, 1–2pm, 6th and Main St.

CARDBOARD CORY IS COMING TO LONGMONT! Tuesday, August 20, 9am, Roosevelt Park, 700 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont. ProgressNow, Planned Parenthood, Conservation Colorado and Indivisible present the Cardboard Cory Bus Tour — more personality than a town hall with flesh and blood Cory! Bring signs, take photos to post on social media, ask those questions that the real Cory won't answer, but mostly, RALLY to send the real Cory PACKING back to Yuma — FOR GOOD.

SPEAKING OF CORY — quite the "Artful (Question) Dodger, here.

THE EVENT of the Summer: LAD's Annual Summer Picnic, Saturday, August 24, 5–8pm, Ollin Farms, South on Hover Rd past Pike Road, west side of Hover. You don't want to miss it — Great food, music, camaraderie & electeds, putting the PARTY in politics! We will provide burgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs & buns. Please bring a side dish and/or beer and beverages to share. We'd like to make this a zero waste event — so please bring your own plate and silverware...THANKS! 
"You are in good company, so keep going.
Fight like hell to keep your heart soft, even while so many people have become hardened.
Yes, the world is upside-down right now, but we can make it right—one beautiful act of decency at a time.
Get some rest and keep going.
The world needs people like you.

Blessed are the damn-givers, for they will right-side the world."
— JOHN PAVLOVITZ, "An Open Letter to Those that Still Give a Damn", here.
KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. See "What to do if ICE comes to your door", from the National Immigration Project, here.

This is How We Defend Immigrants from trump, here.

IMMIGRANTS & ALLIES: Please keep the Colorado Rapid Response Network (CORRN)  — Immigration hotline number: 1 (844) 864-8341 to report any ICE activity in Colorado and southern Wyoming! Please follow CORRN on facebook (Colorado Rapid Response Network - Immigration) and support the following groups affiliated with CORRN online:  American Friends Service Committee (facebook:ColoradansForImmigrantRights),
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition,
Colorado People's Alliance, Mi Familia Vota,
Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, Together Colorado,
United for a New Economy

about those recalls, repeals and ballot measures...
POLIS RECALL: 10,521 signatures A DAY — that means they should have collected over 250,000 signatures by now — how do you think they're doing? 

Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) said this, we didn't:
“'establishment Republicans' don’t support efforts to recall Democrats from office because the establishment Republicans aren’t 'profiting from it.'” More, here.

State Senator Brittany Pettersen (SD22), won her district by NINETEEN points. Go to pettersenproud.com to add your name in support of Senator Pettersen. State Senator Pete Lee (SD11) won with 61% of the vote. Go to protectpetelee.com to add your name in support of Senator Lee. Continue to support Our Colorado Way of Life.

From the Denver Post Editorial Board: "...Republican Nancy Pallozzi became very familiar with Pettersen’s policy positions when they ran against each other in the 2016 election. Pettersen won by a healthy margin. Pallozzi is now trying to recall Pettersen for the very types of issues they argued about on the campaign trail." More, here.

...oh, HELL NO!: Anti choice activists have submitted SIX 22-week ABORTION BAN INITIATIVES (Class 3 FELONY) for review on August 2. DO NOT be complacent since Colorado has historically and resoundingly rejected similar measures in the past. We need ALL ADVOCATES on deck to speak out and defeat these efforts! DECLINE TO SIGN! More, here.  

The REPEAL of the National Popular Vote Compact will most likely be on your 2020 ballot (with confusing language to be sure). But what better way to advocate for NO REPEAL than up against getting rid of trump? More, here.

ACTIONS: If you are approached to sign any petition 
DECLINE TO SIGN, unless you have access to trusted info about any approved petitions. We'll keep you posted! Donate to, or volunteer with Our Colorado Way of Life, also on facebook. SPREAD THE MESSAGE on social media and to your contact lists that the RECALLS are WRONG, they invalidate votes (targeted electeds have WON BY LARGE MARGINS) and they cheat democracy!
McConnell HATES being called "Moscow Mitch" (you know what to do...) His "Russian asset" handed to him, here.

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