"...we must do something about the disproportionate criminalization of black men...like me...This is not about what side of the aisle it is. It's an American issue...it did not have the same color of skin. It had the same color of spirit"”— COLORADO STATE REP. JAMES COLEMAN, HD7-Denver, urging a yes vote on SB20-217, 6/11/20
You should have received your Primary Ballot in the mail by now! If not, check your voter registration at govotecolorado.org then call the Boulder County Clerk's office at 303.413.7740 Sign up for Ballot Track here, to receive text updates when your turned in ballot is processed, or to check on the progress of your ballot. Ballots are due back to the Clerk's office by Tuesday, June 30 at 7pm. 24-Hour Drop off locations at: the Boulder County Clerk's office at 6th & Coffman, Boulder County Fairgrounds at 9595 Nelson Rd, Front Range Community College at 2121 Miller Drive (east side of Miller Drive at Door C1), Garden Acres Park at 18th Ave between Sunset and Juniper, and the YMCA at 950 Lashley.

TODAY: Did you know that Colorado's eviction moratorium ends TODAY? By Monday, courts will begin evicting families  — during a pandemic! Tell the Legislature and Governor Polis to act NOW. SIGN HERE.

TODAY: Boulder County Commissioner Dist. 2 Candidate Marta Loachamin Virtual Meet & Greet, Saturday, June 13, 9-9:30am, RSVP to Info@MARTA2020.org for zoom instructions.

TODAY: 2 pop up locations to sign petitions to put Fair Tax Colorado onto the 2020 ballot! 10am–12pm, Flanders Park, 2207-2221 N Shore Dr, Longmont, hosted by HD11 candidate Karen McCormick AND 11am, Oxford Road and Crestview Lane, Longmont, hosted by HD12 candidate Tracey Bernett. WHY?: 1. Give a tax cut to 95% of Coloradans. All Coloradans earning less than $250,000 a year will pay a lower income tax rate. 2. Guarantee funding for schools & teachers. Half of the $2 billion raised by creating a fair tax code will go toward increasing pay for our teachers & student support staff. 3. Ensure every Coloradan pays their fair share. It's unfair Colorado's middle class pays a larger share of their income in taxes than the top 5%. Asking the wealthiest Coloradans to pay a little more can make our tax code fair. Go to fairtaxcolorado.org for more information.

TODAY: The Boulder County Democratic Party(BCDP)'s Volunteer Team will be holding two Virtual Open House sessions on Saturday, June 13, 10am–Noon and Saturday, August 15, 10am–Noon. The BCDP is responsible for record breaking turnout every election — and they will meet the unprecedented challenge of 2020 with more energy and innovation than ever. You will hear from senior members of the Volunteer, Field (precinct leaders), Outreach and Inclusion, Office, and Fundraising Teams  — about their needs and plans for 2020 and how you can get involved. REGISTER here.

TOMORROW, Sunday, June 14, 
is trump's birthday. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO:

Boulder County Commissioner Dist. 2 Candidate Jonathan Singer, Virtual Fundraiser, Sunday, June 14, 4-5pm. Register here. If you are unable to attend, please consider a donation here.

Make Phone Calls for Boulder County Commissioner Dist. 2 Candidate Jonathan Singer, Sunday, June 14, 5-7:30pm. Register here.

Boulder County Commissioner Dist. 2 Candidate Marta Loachamin Virtual Meet & Greet with Lyons residents, Monday, June 15, 9:30–10am, RSVP to Info@MARTA2020.org for zoom instructions.

The Boulder County Democratic Party's 45th Annual Truman Virtual Celebration, June 24-26. The BCDPs annual fundraising event — supporting all the great work the Boulder County Dems do to ensure record turnout, sending Cory back to Yuma, and BEATING trump! — this time it's VIRTUAL. The guest speaker at the first Truman Celebration was George McGovern, last year's was AOC, and this year's speaker is Dr. Abdul El-Sayed! Tickets are $50 for the main event on June 26, with engaging (and free) virtual events on June 24 & 25. Your donation is so appreciated, it's money well spent, locally — and it's certain to be a fun, innovative experience! Get your tickets, here.

NEXT LAD Virtual Meeting, Wednesday, July 1, 6:30pm. With so much going on — at once — we'll give you updates and action items, the background on 2020 ballot items, and the very best ways to remain informed and engaged.  Stay tuned...meeting link to come!
The Colorado Legislature PASSED SB20-217 Enhance Law Enforcement Integrity — Historic legislation to ensure police accountability! Here's the vote board:

NINE HOURS of testimony Thursday at our Capitol for SB20-217 —
from mothers and family members of victims of police violence, victims rights groups, from law enforcement, corrections officers, and Boulder County DA Michael Dougherty in support. Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, co-prime sponsor of the bill said, "This has been going on for generations. My parents, my grandparents, they have been fighting this issue for generations. So, this is not a new issue. This was not done out of emotion...This is not a new conversation." Powerful testimony from Rep. Adrienne Benavidez, saying, "these issues have been discussed over and over and over again — it's just that now we have the will to pass this law." Testimony from Rep. James Coleman citing several cases from the 70s and 80s, including the death of Ernest Myers in 1981 dying from a police chokehold in Denver. Watch more of Coleman's powerful speech, here. Speaker of the House, KC Becker, said, “This body met the moment and rose to the occasion,” she said. The bill represents lawmakers’ “sadness, empathy and rage” at Floyd’s death.  

From MoveOn and other partners,
a livestream event series focusing on educating and organizing to be stronger allies and fully embrace a stance of anti-racism. To view Thursday's event, and to sign up for future anti-racism trainings, go here. (You can also text ANTIRACISM to 668366)

 to this podcast, a report from those who grew up with, and knew George Floyd, here.

READ: "Take the Confederate Names Off Our Army Bases", here. 
WATCH this powerful ad from VoteVets, here. 
WATCH: "How American Slavery Helped Create Modern Day Policing", here.

READ: "10 major issues being decided in the final hours of Colorado’s 2020 legislative session", Colorado Sun, 6/13/20, here.  Stay tuned to legislative updates from CLEAN (Community Legislative Early Action Network) by emailing us, here, to sign up for the updates and conference calls.
TAKE A LOOK at this CANDIDATE SURVEY REPORT on healthcare finance policy, conducted by the Colorado Foundation on Universal Healthcare. Candidates are designated as Champions and Supporters (in boldface) based on their answers. The survey is not intended as an endorsement, but simply information voters might find useful before they vote on June 30 and November 3. See the survey, here.
DON'T WE HAVE ENOUGH GOING ON?: By the end of June, the US Supreme Court is expected to rule on "an array of hot-button cases — including issues like LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace, the fate of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and the continued viability of Roe v. Wade — that could shake up the political and policy landscape." More here.
trump has moved his first rally since quarantine to the day after Juneteenth (Friday, June 19, marking the day that commemorates the end of slavery), but it will still be held in Tulsa, the site of one of the worst acts of racial terror in the United States, the Tulsa Race Massacre ("The Massacre of Black Wall Street" from vox, here). “This isn't just a wink to white supremacists,” Senator Kamala Harris wrote on Twitter Thursday. “He's throwing them a welcome home party.” Not to mention that  jamming supporters into a stadium amid a pandemic that has killed more than 115,000 Americans being wildly and dangerously premature.

WHAT IF TRUMP REFUSES TO LEAVE? Indivisible has a plan for that: Pledge to Protect the Results, here. 

From Thom Hartmann
"Get it into the media and repeat it over and over again: “The GOP plans to claim ‘Democratic voter fraud’ in this election to steal the election for themselves, and they’re already getting people primed for it! Then, when the GOP starts screaming that some states where Trump lost “are in doubt” because of “voter fraud,” it’ll be seen as the scam that it is.” START NOW. SPREAD THE WORD ON SOCIAL MEDIA — republican corruption doesn't like the sun! Some history and how republicans will try to justify voter suppression and election theft, here.

ANOTHER IDEA: Send postcards to trump with one simple message, "You're fired!" Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 (you're welcome)

"I depend on the post office for the delivery of my medicine as well as vital communications with the V.A. and other organizations." — votevets.org
1. We could not have said it better:

Gorgeous stamps to choose from, here. 

"Because it's an institution that has a long history of service to our country. We can't let a petty beef with someone stop an organization that employs thousands of veterans and others. It's not a political organization. It's needed by millions of people!" — votevets.org

2. ALSO CONTACT OUR REPS: Tell them to include SUPPORT of the USPS in any future coronavirus or stimulus legislation! —
Representative Ken Buck (R–CD4): 202-225-4676 (DC)
970-702-2136 (Greeley).
Senator Michael Bennet(D):
202-224-5852 (DC)
303-455-7600 (Denver).
Senator Cory Gardner
(R): 202-224-5941 (DC)

OR USE RESISTBOT (text "resist" to 50409)

"My brother is a 25-year postal veteran, and has dedicated himself to the age-old postal code: 'Neither rain nor sleet, hail or snow, shall stop the delivery of the US mail.' It is for him, and his brothers in arms, that we stand up for the USPS." — votevets.org

3. FROM MOVEON.ORG — text MAIL to 668356 to demand full Postal Service funding!

"As a USMC Combat Veteran, I relied on the USPS when I was in Iraq to communicate with my family. This is an American institution that must be supported — way before any corporate bailouts. Either Trump admits that he’s gaslighting Veterans into thinking he supports us, or he puts (our) money where his mouth is." — votevets.org

4. VOTEVETS.ORG — Sign their petition to stand with Postal Workers, here. 

5. NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION — JUNE 23 — TO SAVE THE POST OFFICE. Sign up (scroll down), here.

THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE COMPACT will be on your ballot THIS FALL! Yes, our legislature passed the NPV last year, but yes, republicans and anti-vote activists collected enough signatures last summer to place it on the ballot. Continue to generate support for VOTING YES on the NPV — ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE by going to coloradonpv.org — learning all about the NPV, signing up for their newsletters (scroll to the bottom), to volunteer, or donating!

It's great that Colorado's mail in ballot system is SECURE, TRANSPARENT & VERIFIABLE (our ballots are the "paper trail"), BUT we are only ONE of FIVE states with mail in ballots. Here's how ballots are cast in the US (from Daily Kos):


Senators Klobuchar and Wyden's Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act of 2020, here.

"NUDGE" Democratic Voters in Swing States to VOTE through Daily Kos VOTE FORWARD, here.

New York Times: “We Should Never Have to Vote in Person Again”
CHECK OUT: voteathome.org
CHECK OUT: 866ourvote.org

 As of today, Longmont has a response rate of 70.2% (we were farther along at this time 10 years ago) — so we've got a ways to go! If just 100 residents are missed, Longmont could lose almost $1.5 million of dollars in federal funding! Click the Census widget on longmontdems.org here.

NATIONAL CENSUS WEBSITE: 2020Census.gov | response rates

CITY OF LONGMONT: longmontcolorado.gov/census

POSTCARDS urging folks to respond to the Census, via commoncause.org
CONTACT Kathy Partridge 
to pick yours up, or arrange for drop off!

FAIR TAX COLORADO: Initiative 271. Asking the wealthiest Coloradans (250K+) to pay a little more can make our tax code fair. fairtaxcolorado.org LAD's May presentation, here. 

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