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ISSUE 15   |   September 18, 2015

Hi <<First Name>>,

Welcome to Embroidery News Issue 15. 

With a bit of luck, this photo reflects just how it is in your house right now as you’re reading Embroidery News. 

All is calm, there is a piping hot tea or coffee waiting for you, delicious biscuits laid out for sustenance and reading materials lay in wait for your viewing pleasure.

No?  Wrong house?  Wrong life?  Well regardless of what’s going on around you right now, there’s plenty in this issue of Embroidery News to distract and take you to the land of Beautiful Embroidery

Read on to start your escape…


This week Susan O’Connor, Jenny McWhinney and our General Manager Laura Equizi leave for the Masterclass on the Mekong 2015 cruise.  Those lucky ducks!  Jealous?  Well if you live anywhere near Adelaide or Canberra, Australia we do have a special event for you to attend that might make up for it.

Inspirations invites you to join us for a night of magical colour as we host the world renowned Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably in Adelaide and Canberra in 2016.

Our team is thrilled to be bringing Kaffe and Brandon to Canberra on Feb 19th and to Adelaide on Mar 3rd, and to mark the occasion we have put together a fabulous night to remember.

Over his long career Kaffe has breathed new life into knitting, made needlepoint cool and put the passion back into patchwork, all through his unfettered use of extraordinary colour and pattern. The editor of Inspirations, Susan O’Connor, interviewed Kaffe & Brandon recently and her article will be featured in the upcoming issue of Inspirations #88.

Kaffe and Brandon are truly inspiring individuals and this event is one not to be missed.

For more details and to purchase tickets, please click Here

We look forward to seeing you there!


Last week our plea to help Beverly with her ‘destination needlework’ locations in Boise, San Juan, Charlotte Amalie & Nassau, inspired the Embroidery News community to join in on the conversation, and for that, we thank you. Without your input, we’d have lots of questions and no answers!

June who is a resident of Boise Idaho mentioned her disappointment about the lack of specialist embroidery shops in the Boise / McCall area, but did recommend a visit to Cloth which specializes in distinctive fabric & fine sewing.

Cloth can be found at The Marketplace 1744 West State Street Boise Idaho.

June also found a listing for The Yarn Shoppe which is located at 127 E State Avenue Meridian Idaho which she thought may be of interest.

Sarah, who lives in Boise as well, echoed June’s disappointment about the lack of local Needlework shops, however did recommend Puffy Mondaes in Nampa which she describes as a fun knitting & weaving shop. Puffy Mondaes can be found at 200 12th Avenue S.

Puffy Mondaes

The Yarn Shoppe


Although Tawney couldn’t recommend a stitching store in Nassau, she suggested a visit to Commonwealth Fabrics on Montgomery Street. She also suggested Beverly should join one of the Tru Bahamian Food Tours so she could eat, drink & discover Nassau with some excellent cuisine introduced through some knowledgeable local guides!

Furthermore, Hendrika’s travels to Vienna & Salzburg inspired Jessica Grimm (whose gorgeous stumpwork fox was featured in Issue 12 of Embroidery News) to respond by recommending a visit to M. Maurer located at Kandlgasse 20, A-1070 Wien. M. Maurer are manufacturers of gold threads, and tassels. They also sell a plethora of trimmings and Filosele Silks. Make sure you read all about Jessica’s recent visit to M. Mauer in her blog here.

M. Maurer

Kathleen suggested that Hendrika, and any other needlework enthusiast who happens to find themselves in Vienna, pay a visit to Petit Point Kovacec who specialise in fine Viennese hand embroidery. Petit Point are located at Karntner Strabe 16, A-1010 Vienna. Again, Embroidery News Community, we thank you for joining in on the conversation!

Petit Point

We’d love to keep the conversation going by hearing from anyone who is able to recommend any ‘destination needlework’ locations in Barcelona, Spain for Kathy who will find herself there in October.

We’re quickly realizing what a wealth of knowledge the Embroidery News Community has, so if you have a question about anything needlework related – tips, techniques, local suppliers – make sure you ask and we’ll open up the conversation for you!

Until next issue, we look forward to hearing more of your responses and publishing those questions we know you’re dying to ask . . .


Jacobus Rex by
Hazel Blomkamp – Issue #87

As the influence of technology in our daily lives continues to increase exponentially, even traditional crafts such as needlework must learn to adapt and evolve with the times. We often hear from subscribers that during the process of downsizing their house and moving into apartments or lifestyle villages, taking an entire collection of magazines with them is not always possible or practical.

While there is nothing quite like enjoying Inspirations in vivid premium quality print, a digital subscription is often a great alternative.

Here’s what Roberta Kenney had to tell us after she downloaded issue #87 this week:

“I have finally got my digital copy!! Hurrah! It's absolutely stunning. There are so many wonderful projects that I need more time in my day.”

We’re pleased to hear it was worth the wait Roberta, thanks for the feedback.

Hazel Blomkamp is no stranger to technology – she is a prolific user of all things digital, the only thing slowing her down is the poor infrastructure in her home country of South Africa, where she finds herself frequently without internet and even electricity! To ensure all our Inspirations digital subscribers are well looked after, issue #87 includes ‘Jacobus Rex’ a tablet cover project by Hazel herself.

Now you can keep your tablet in royal style by stitching this fabulously ornate sleeve, lavishly decorated with intricate needleweaving and trimmed with sparkling crystals and beads.

For those of you who are ready to get stitching, you can buy this project in kit form from our website here.

Or if you do find yourself fossicking around buying the elements required for this project, our Editorial Manager Ellaine gives us this great tip:

“I was hunting high and low for flat back crystals to create the step-by-steps for Hazel’s caging technique in Jacobus Rex. Various beads stores didn’t satisfy, then I realised a source I had overlooked – dancewear stores! Flat backed crystals galore, lots of colours and sizes. Problem solved.”

Nice one Ellaine and great work on the step-by-step instructions and photography you put together, you do an amazing job.

For the last word on ‘Jacobus Rex’ we have these great behind the scenes shots to share with you. Often when you see the finished photos of each project in the magazine, the clever camera angles and carefully placed props create a very different world through the lens than the reality of the immediate surrounds of perhaps a studio. All thanks to our fabulous stylist Fiona!

However in this case, the surrounds are equally as charming and engaging as the project itself, so Susan, Fiona and the team had no problems getting great shots from a well-chosen location.


If you have been enjoying the Embroidery News review of projects from the current issue of Inspirations Issue #87, you’ll LOVE reading a copy of the magazine itself.

The World’s Most Beautiful Embroidery Magazine is just that… exquisite projects, high definition photography, bold lush printing and all the information you could ever want about the designers, the stitches, the techniques, and insight as to how you can achieve stunning needlework. Don’t just take our word for it – order a copy today and see for yourself just how beautiful, the world’s most beautiful embroidery magazine, really is.

Past Subscriber? If it’s been a while since you have purchased a copy of the magazine, we’d love to have you back. Inspirations continues to evolve and push the boundaries of needlework and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the stitching revolution! Why not buy a copy and see if we can entice you back?

With no minimum commitments and a simple pay per issue subscription system, you’ve got nothing to lose except beautiful. So don’t let beautiful pass you by… become a subscriber today.


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What do we love? We love it when new subscribers sign up to Inspirations and discover the beauty of needlework for the first time. We also love it when people discover a new stitching technique and try their hand at it for the first time.

Well to kick start this week’s ‘What Are You Stitching’ we are lucky enough to get both things we love in one! Dima shares her story with us…

“My name is Dima and I live in Quebec, Canada. I just recently started my subscription to Inspirations magazine after seeing issue #86. I wanted to stitch Elisabetta Holzer's thimble and bell, but after seeing Deborah Love's Eidelweiss I was hooked. I've always wanted to try white work embroidery and use DMC broder special. So this was the perfect project to do so. It took less than a month and I enjoyed every bit of it. I love the different textures you get with each filling stitch.

I finished it on the same day I received issue #87 and after seeing the projects in it, you can now count me as a loyal subscriber :) I've already ear marked the Sardinian knot book weight as my next project.

I hope Inspirations will run for many years to come. :D”

Thank you for sending this in Dima and welcome to the Inspirations community! It’s great to have you on board and thank you for supporting us by subscribing to the magazine, we REALLY appreciate it.

EidelweissIssue #86

Your version of Eidelweiss is brilliant, you have done an amazing job.

If anyone else is interested in the Eidelweiss project by Deborah Love, you can still buy copies of Inspirations Issue #86 and there are even a few Eidelweiss kits still available which you can purchase here

Now from one lace technique to another - Lynne Wohleber from Pittsburgh, PA in the USA has stitched together the perfect outfit to match a porcerlain doll she purchased. We’ll let Lynne explain further…

‘Several years ago I purchased a couple of half-dolls with Hardanger skirts from Little People in Porcelain, whose web address I found in Inspirations, and the material and threads to create them. One was to be a gift for my sister-in-law in Arizona and the other for me.

Early this year I resurrected the box and began work on the one for my sister-in-law. I think it turned quite nicely. Two years ago I became involved in Zentangle art and so I Zentangled the wooden base of the doll.’

Thanks Lynne, you have done a terrific job and clearly you are as skilled at drawing as you are at stitching!

Isabelle Mouret lives in France and has sent in this delightful embroidery on a napkin she has just finished. Despite not speaking English, she has done a great job communicating with us as follows:

"Hello, I do not speak good English but I'll try to keep it simple. I learned "the point of Beauvais" and right now I embroider a tablecloth. It's hard to find designs for the "point of Beauvais" It is difficult and teachers are not numerous, especially in certain regions. As a result and there are not many people who embroiders "point of Beauvais. I hope my little work you enjoyed. I wish you many good things on the other side of the planet. Friends of France, Isabelle "

Congratulations on mastering this technique Isabelle, your work is amazing. To see more needlework from France, Isabelle sent us this link and while it’s all in French, the exquisite stitching speaks for itself - visit the website here!

Over the past few issues of Embroidery News, Jenny McWhinney’s projects have had a regular spot in ‘What Are You Stitching?’ and this week Joanne Crane in Natick, Massachusetts USA sends us these super cute bunnies she has stitched into a pillow.

“I LOOOOVE Jenny McWhinney’s animals. I’ve done the Monet mouse book “flowers for Grandmere” for my granddaughter and more. Even though no-one I know is having a baby, I just couldn’t pass up these bunnies. As I didn’t have immediate access to wool embroidery thread, I made a pillow using DMC cotton thread, single strand instead. I thought it would take forever, but I did it.

I have every issue of Inspirations and they have many sticky flags poking out the top for all the projects that interest me. Good thing I plan on living forever so I can get them all done!”

Karin Shaw from the San Antonio Needlework Guild in the USA uses her needlework skills to create practical projects, like this really creative e-reader cover.

“Since I can remember I have always known how to stitch – growing up in Germany, we were taught sewing and stitching in school. I also had a grandmother and mother who were very talented with the needle.

When I was shown how to do the bullion stitch in 2002 by a lovely Australian lady, it was like opening the door to a new world. The “Australian way of stitching” was new to me. Being a practical woman, I used my new skills to make needle and scissor cases and various other “goes-into’s” to organize my stitching supplies.

I have also made small purses, sachets, tea cozies, embroidered initials and pictures of flowers, and many other things as gifts, using my original designs. One of my favourites is this e-reader cover that incorporated using silk ribbon, beads and bullion roses.”

In last week’s Embroidery News we featured the project ‘Natural Beauty’ from Inspirations issue #87 and this week we have an equally stunning ‘nature study’ to show case.

This piece has been masterfully stitched by Patty Smith-Gardner who is the Region Director, Mid-Atlantic Region EGA and lives in Merion Station Pennsylvania.

"Hello! I wanted to share the final photos of my FINALLY finished piece from Jane Nicholas’ class, Life Cycle of the Swallowtail Butterfly.

I took this four-day class at the EGA Seminar in Louisville, KY, USA in the fall of 2013, and it went on hiatus for a while..... finally got down to work this summer and finished it.

Jane is such an excellent teacher; I was able to remember much of her instruction as I got back to this piece. She is a strict task master, and brings out the best in her students. No shortcuts allowed!

I am a member of the Philadelphia Area Chapter of the EGA, and the region director for the Mid-Atlantic Region. I can’t tell you how much I have learned in my 10 years with the EGA. I had no idea what stumpwork was when I joined! Now I have a world of opportunities to learn from the best. And I have.“

Thank you Patty, no doubt Jane will be thrilled to see how well you’ve brought this piece to life and for all the Jane Nicholas fans out there, she has a special feature coming up in the Christmas issue of Inspirations #88 so, stay tuned for more details.

What are YOU stitching?

Send us your photos, details about your project, where you live and a little about yourself to:


No not a photo,


Stitched stump work




" The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary."
~ Mary Kurtz ~


What: The Embroiders’ Art
Where: Estuary Arts Centre – 214A Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa, New Zealand
When: 10 to 27 Sep (0900 to 1600 & 27 Sep 0900 to 1400)
Details: ANZEG Northern North Island Regional Biennial Exhibition showcasing over 100 exhibits interpreting the themes ‘Beneath the Surface’ & ‘The Strange Case of the Missing Stitch’.

What: Nelson Embroiderers’ Guild What a Weekend Embroidery Workshops
When: 25 to 27 Sep
Where: Waimea College, Richmond, New Zealand
Details: Click here

What: MAIWA Textile Symposium
Where: Vancouver, BC Canada
When: Sep | Oct | Nov
Details: Click here

Send us details about events, exhibitions and celebrations happening in your place of stitch and we’ll include them in Embroidery News. Contact us at

Happy Stitching
The Embroidery News Team

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