Svarga Resort Lombok

Explore the magnificent island of Lombok in Indonesia.
Just a short hop to the West from the popular holiday hotspot of Bali lies the equally beautiful island of Lombok. In comparison to Bali, dominated by mass tourism, Lombok is still untouched and less commercial.
It boasts pristine rainforests and a vast national park, and is surrounded by turquoise waters rich in diverse marine life. Hence, its emphasis on eco-tourism.
However, Lombok is also seeking to promote its Islamic heritage and is known as the “island of 1,000 mosques”. Thus, it is more appropriate for halal-conscious travellers than other islands.
Lombok offers many activities and attractions such as Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcano of Indonesia, or the paradisiac Gili islands, only 20 minutes by boat from Lombok and very popular for scuba diving and snorkelling.
Pusuk Monkey Forest is another highlight of Lombok and the island has of course numerous waterfalls and beautiful white sand beaches such as Senggigi, Mawun or Kuta.
To enjoy this tropical island, a great destination for all holiday seasons, whether it is summer or winter, book the 4-star SVARGA Resort. This non-alcoholic resort is located on a hilly contour near Senggigi beach, serves only halal food and has a number of private villas with secluded private pools.
Visit this magnificent island, which won last month the “World’s Best Honeymoon Halal Destination” and “World’s Best Halal Tourism Destination” awards during the “World Halal Travel Awards” in Abu Dhabi.
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