Curbstone Events adds a new partnership in 2022 with the support of Financial Fleet Services, a company specialized in financial renting agreements
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Thursday 24 March 2022

Financial Fleet Services becomes new Curbstone official partner

Curbstone Events announces a new official partnership in 2022 with Financial Fleet Services, an exclusive partner in financial lease agreements with more than 35 years of experience.

Financial Fleet Services provides tailor-made financial lease solutions to individuals of high potential and high net worth, their families, and their companies, based on extensive experience in relation to a wide range of premium products. Its key areas of expertise are the automotive, boating, aviation, art, and precision equipment industries.
Financial Fleet Services strives to provide a unique combination of financial and administrative assistance together with an impeccable service, based on transparent control of operating costs. In addition, its financial products and services can be integrated into various investment strategies and are the ultimate match with current management principles. The company focuses on creating an ideal balance between clients’ personal preferences and cost-effective solutions, taking into account relevant financial and legal aspects as well as tax regulations.
Their offices are based in Brussels, Belgium (Financial Fleet Services) and Monaco (Monaco Fleet Solutions).
Curbstone Events has a keen interest in the new collaboration as a means of serving the needs of Curbstone customers all over Europe more effectively. “We are very excited about this new partnership as we believe in bringing on board the right partners,” says Ludovic Colman, General Manager at Curbstone. “Having the right industry leaders in our niche with us is the answer to our customers’ needs. We look forward to carrying out a lot of projects together with Financial Fleet Services. And of course, we’ll go from the track to the road, and hopefully, much further.”

Vanina Ickx, Ambassador at Financial Fleet Services, said: “We are thrilled to announce this new partnership as we believe in a high level of customer service, customer experience and professionalism, as does Curbstone! The fact we share the same passion for cars, regardless of brand, age, type or circumstances (track, touring or daily), creates an unbelievable enthusiasm which we aim to explore further.” 


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