This is just a reminder that the old version of MailChimp will be closed next week. On Monday, July 15, we'll start switching all accounts over to New MailChimp.

Here's a quick guide that explains what's new in the app. It includes screenshots and videos that will help you learn your way around New MailChimp in just a few minutes.

We shaved seconds off the campaign building process by making a lot of small changes, but here are a few that might be relevant to you:
Pro mode
We made the global navigation collapsible, so you can switch to "pro mode" and get an additional 100 pixels of workspace for list management and content creation.
Add subscriber
We updated the "Add Subscriber" button and created new dropdown menu actions for each list in your dashboard.
It's now easier to search all your campaigns, lists, and subscribers from anywhere in the app by clicking the magnifying glass in the navigation, or just by pressing "s."
Desktop and mobile
You can now create and send campaigns, view your reports, and manage your list from a desktop or tablet. You can even press "send" on a campaign from a draft in your smartphone.
We'll continue to make improvements to New MailChimp based on feedback from our customers. In the meantime, feel free to reply to this email if you have specific comments or suggestions.

As always, thanks for using MailChimp.

-The MailChimp Team
You received this email because you're a registered MailChimp user. We occasionally send system alerts with account information, planned outages, system improvements, and important customer-service updates. We'll keep them brief and useful. Promise.
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